Mess of Things
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Mess Of Things


The Kentucky rain hit the New York Street

I was on the lamb

I was in retreat

But I swore Iíd never let this happen again

But Iím on 23rd, waitiní on a friend

This city girl got the best of me

And taught me how to make a mess of things


Through recent history Iíve never known

This feeling of feeling so alone

But listen to me I said it before

I love you and will forevermore

Like a poet writes, the singer sings

And you and I make a mess of things


The circus light shines as bright as day

And Iím terrified by what you might say

Sometimes I behave just like a kid

But I love you and I always did


Trouble with trouble

Is that it sometimes sticks

It plays these tricks with the mind

While it gets its kicks

Slowly thereís a momentum shift

And the weight becomes too great to lift


I woke up last night

Heard my mama scream

Saying boy you always make a mess of things

What will become, babe of you and me

If we keep on making a mess of things