The people who are crazy enough to think they can
change the world are the ones who do.”
             (from an Apple Computers TV campaign)

If you’ve been a regular visitor to artistinsane.com since its inception, you already know a bit about my philosophy regarding the “insanity” (from a “practical” standpoint) of pursuing the arts — and quite a lot about the “abnormal” (thank God) thought processes of the artistic mind.  And, since I’ve often quoted the above words to sum up my commitment to artistic insanity, when searching for a succinct introduction to what this site and its rather unusual web identity is all about, they once more sprang to mind.

For those of you visiting my corner of cyberspace for the first time, however, I should probably explain that I’m primarily a writer, though this often serves as the basis for various other pursuits, including music, visual arts — and  (for the purposes of this site) a bit of web design.  And, I’ve generally shared the eclectic mix of results with visitors to my site — a practice I plan to continue here.

Finally, I just want to direct everyone to the “New Madness” blog, where the latest news regarding the site and my various artistic endeavors will  be posted as it occurs — and where you can share your comments on any or all of these.

Thanks for meeting me here.  I appreciate your taking the time to visit, and hope you’ll come back soon.