Music Mayhem

Though my work with music has largely been in writing lyrics, and penning bios for select indie artists, I do have one professional recording of my own, which you can listen to here…

Though not a huge fan of a capella music, to be honest (I would SO love for a piano and/or strings track to somehow be added), I didn’t have access to musicians for accompaniment on the project, so used what I had (my voice).  In any case, I wrote the lyrics and music at the request of an adopted child and (unrelated) adoptive parent, respectively.


On to the pros (including bios I’ve been privileged to write for a few of my favorite musicians):

Michael McDermott

  • Michael’s latest release, Stories, Lies and Legends, is an eclectic four-disc retrospective covering selections from his earliest recording days through the present — including many never before released tracks (and several true gems).  (Limited availability)
  • My review of Michael’s 2019 Orphans (comprised of outtakes from his two previous discs) can be read here  — which, in my opinion is his best/most completely listenable album since 2007’s Noise From Words.  

If you’re unfamiliar with Michael’s work, here’s a sample from 2016…

Here are two bios I wrote for Michael’s website to accompany the albums  Hit Me Back (2012) and Hey La Hey (2009).



Brian Fitzpatrick

Rumbles of a new Brian Fitzpatrick album are growing louder, recently bolstered by the video for a new song and video…

In the meantime, its predecessor (released in 2015), remains available both digitally on and iTunes, and in hard copy form via CD Baby, and various other music sellers.  As with all of his prior releases since 2002, I had the privilege of writing the one sheet/album description to accompany the disc.  And, if by chance you’ve still not heard it, it’s a recording you don’t want to miss!

Brian - 2015 Album Cover

You can check out a track from the album here…

You can also check out the bio posted here for Brian’s previous album, Worse for Wear.

In addition, the prior incarnation of featured a host of show recaps and additional material about Brian and his band.


Third Eye Blind

I was asked several years ago to write this bio for the largest American fan site of the band Third Eye Blind.  It was later added to the primary U.K. site as well.

Third Eye Blind Bio

Their 1997 self-titled/debut remains one of  all the-time favorite albums in my large and eclectic collection (and it’s track “The Background” could easily be a theme song for the novelette prequel to my  screenplay, Taking the Fall).


Miscellaneous Faves

Ever since hearing this performance by Chris Daughtry as Rottweiler on The Masked Singer, I’ve been addicted to Lewis Capaldi’s hauntingly beautiful “Someone You Loved” (needless to say, Capaldi’s full version is amazing as well)…