The Leap to Limbo (tentative title) – novelette prequel to Taking the Fall

JUST ADDED BELOW — Chapters 5 through 7.  The short story “Of Julie and Better Men” that appears on the Fiction page of this website serves as the Prologue for the novelette excerpted here, which was serialized in its entirety in my Mil Mania newsletter. This novelette is also the prequel to my screenplay, Taking the Fall.

Below are the first several chapters.  (NOTE:  Because I originally wrote this story in serial form for my Mil Mania newsletter (or rather mini literary magazine), most chapters are considerably shorter than those found in conventional books.)  More to follow!

Chapter 1   When Morning Breaks 

Chapter 2  Back in L.A.

Chapter 3  Nightfall

– – – – – – – – – –

Chapter 4  A New Day (Part 1)

Chapter 4  A New Day (Part 2)

– – – – – – – – – –


Chapter 5  New Day, Old Night

Chapter 6  Deja Who?

Chapter 7   Who, Indeed?