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The new issue has begin mailing out (FINALLY)!!!! Including a new photo from Marty Mouse House — along with a poem by Bert — plus, an article on Tintin the Squirrel, an intro to new rescued friends (not all of whom are rats!), a review by Keela, a photo by Kim Zier, an informative article in The Rat Lady: Rewind column, another installment in the Prince Dobalob Builds a Zeppelin, and so much more!!! Subscribe or renew today to get your copy “hot off the press!”

In the meantime, the last issue remains available for purchase!  Inside:  A Trio of Tributes, another installment of Prince Dobalob Builds a Zeppelin, a photo by Kim Zier, poems and much more! 


There are just a few print copies left of the 1st qtr. 2021 issue, but the PDF remains available in unlimited quantities.   Featuring The Incredible Sadie’s 5th birthday celebration, adorable elder rat gent Snoot, more of Stacy Winnick’s Prince Dobalob, a new chapter in The Return of Row and Rifflerat, another Rat Lady: Rewind, and much more!!!
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A Magazine of AristocRATS, Artists o’ RATS and Insane RAT Love

“One of my proudest moments was being chosen for the artist interview in the first issue.”
               Manon Cleary (internationally renowned artist)

TRRQ Features 28 Full-color, Oversized (8.5″ x 11.25″) Pages of Articles, Full-page Borderless Photos, Poems, Reviews, a Chapter of a Rat Fiction Book in Progress and much more!!! Professionally printed. And, The Rodent Reader Quarterly contains NO PAID ADVERTISING. It’s TRRQ‘s primary goal to make each issue a positive and enjoyable experience for readers — and rats! Click here to check out a 15 page preview excerpted from the intro issue.

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