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Noah lives with Mildred Scott in New Jersey .  Mildred writes,

“Noah is a nearly three-month-old silver Dumbo with absolutely no idea he’s the smallest of four cagemates in a seventy-five gallon aquarium.   He enjoys mommy-back-riding (i.e. climbing to sit on my shoulder or in my hair as I work at the computer), wrestling (i.e. mercilessly and tirelessly attacking his adoptive brothers), taking long leisurely naps in his bed of aspen shavings…and, of course, eating!   In fact, he’s so fond of treats he spent the better part of his first evening at home sorting out the marshmallow pieces from a bowl of Lucky Charms and hopping away with each one to savor it in the privacy of an empty box.  Thankfully, he’s also a very good boy about eating more nutritious fare, including lab blocks, dry dog food, and (our rat community’s collective favorite) mashed sweet potatoes.  

“Among the most self-possessed individuals we’ve met of any size, Noah never spent a moment as a stranger, immediately proving eager to befriend both us and all our (many!) prior rat adoptees.  What’s more, his confidence is so well-intended and egoless even his big ‘brothers’ seem unwilling to deflate him.  I don’t believe there’s been a wrestling match yet they haven’t let him think he’s won!  As a fellow rat owner once told me, ‘Even when you don’t breed rats, they multiply.’  And if you don’t already own rats, surely meeting a creature of such small stature and enormous spirit would quickly change that. 

“Oh, by the way, did I mention Noah’s a ham when it comes to taking pictures…then again, do I need to?!?!?”

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