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Feel free to e-mail if you have any questions :


Gift Subscriptions are also Available -- each including a note card
announcement (sent to you or the recipient -- your choice)...

(Inside left, it says "Yes!!!"
Inside right, "You've received a 1-year
gift subscription to
The Rodent Reader

Please include the name and address of the gift recipient with your PayPal payment
or include a note with this info if paying by check or money order. (Multiple subscriptions can
be purchased using this link -- you can change the quantity in the next step.  The default quantity is 1.)


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Check or money order (U.S. Dollars)  may be sent to:
Rodent Reader Press
P.O. Box 22
Broadway, NJ  08808

Cost per annual subscription:
$31.95  within the U.S.
$34.95  Canada
$46.95  the Rest of the World


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