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There are many paths to travel
There are many roads to seek
Sometimes the strongest will unravel
in the valleys of the weak

There are many skies of color
There are many fields of joy
There are roads that lead to nowhere
There are roads that will destroy

There are many ships a sailing
There are many trains to ride
There are many faithless failing
On the pathway to paradise

Don't go to the bar if you don't want a drink
Don't walk on the water if you don't want to sink
Yeah we're driving around reading roadmaps cheek to cheek

There will be many a sunset
That God painted himself
There will be a moon in the afternoon
When you wish you were someone else

There will be many misty mornings
There'll be many a stormy night
There will be many subtle warnings
When what you're doing isn't right

You won't see what's ahead if you're looking behind
Knew a man that could see though he swore he was blind
Yeah we're running around reading roadmaps drinking wine.

Do you see what you know or do you know what you see?
I see my reflection but sometimes it ain't me
You can't win 'em all but you gotta win some
When something's finally over, something new has begun

Something new has begun. Something new has begun!

There are many tacks a turning,
There is many an orphan's song
There are many people hurting
And yearning to belong

And the silent will soon be singing
Singing salvation's sound
But I swear I must be dreaming
'Cause it was you I finally found

Yeah I swear my bite is worse than my bark
I prayed for a light but you sent me a spark

Yeah we're driving around reading roadmaps in the dark.