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The alarm clock is screaming, get the hell out of bed
There's a million other places you wish you were instead
But of all of my planning I never would have guessed
That you'd be this lost and this depressed.

So I put on my clothes and make it to the door
I always figured our lives would have so much more
Of what it is we got or what's within reach
But happiness ain't something you could ever teach

But the rain from the heavens left a smoldering fire
These days I feel so uninspired
What ever happened to those things we admired?
These days I feel so uninspired

There's a man in a window at 5th and Esplanade
dreaming 'bout the farmhouse where he was raised
Now he's moved to the city and he wish he had stayed
But he can't leave the house 'cause he's so afraid

He said, “In a field of flowers I feel like a briar
And these days I feel so uninspired
I feel so empty and I feel so tired
These days I feel so uninspired”

There's peaks and there's valleys, of this I’ve little doubt
Not even sure what this malaise is about
But I'm hungry for something as I've ever been
And there's a light in the distance but I see no end

Up by the bootstraps, they always say
It's easy for them, they don't feel this way
Down in the gutter, been down here so long
When will there come a day when I sing a brand new song?

Now I'm torn and I'm battered, so sang the choir
These days I feel so uninspired.
Listen to the wind, beware of the ire
These days I feel so uninspired.

These days I feel so uninspired.