McD 2003 Setlists


If anyone has info on the few shows below for which setlists are missing, please feel free to let me know.  Thanks! (Note:  An asterisk beside a song signifies it was played on piano.) 

Shows with review pages on are marked accordingly...just follow the links by these shows to check out photos, commentary, etc.

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Dec. 26  (Acoustic -- Abbey Pub -- Chicago, IL)  (w/TJ and Lance)

*When It Comes To You (debut)/Upscale Dive/Hellfire/One Good Year (Slaid Cleeves cover)/*My Father's Son/*One Way To Go/Arm Yourself/When Doves Cry (cover)/Wall/Dream Come True (debut)/Baby I/*Would That It Were/Sword of Damocles/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/*Around The World/ (Encore) Time After Time/Can't Sleep Tonight/ Bells

Nov. 26  (Band -- Martyr's -- Chicago, IL)

Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Spark/Broken Down Fence/Sword of Damocles/Shadow Of The Capitol/Wounded/Cal-Sag Road Song/Wall (w/Lance)/Hellfire (w/Lance)/Gonna Be Good/Freedom Highway (cover)/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/ (Encore) Getting Off The Dime/Baby I/A Day Like Tomorrow

Nov. 14  (Band -- Knitting Factory -- Los Angeles, CA)


Nov. 13  (Band -- The Roxy -- Hollywood, CA)


Nov. 12    (Acoustic -- Genghis Cohen -- Los Angeles, CA)     (w/Rene)                  

Arm Yourself/*My Father's Son/*Dance With Me/Spark/Getting Off The Dime/Hellfire/Can't Sleep Tonight/*One Way To Go/*Around The World

Oct. 10  (Acoustic -- Radisson Holiday Star Plaza -- Merrillville, IN)


Oct. 4  (Band -- St. Patrick's High School Oktoberfest -- Chicago, IL) (w/Nick and TJ)

*Bourbon Blue/Sword Of Damocles/Hellfire/Getting Off The Dime/Spark/Unemployed/Need Some Surrender/Time After Time (cover)/Whiskey And Water/Arm Yourself/Wall/Junkie Girl/20 Miles

Sept. 27    (Acoustic -- House Concert -- Bolingbrook, IL)                           Review

*Would That It Were (debut)/*Sword of Damocles/Arm Yourself/Baby I/Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover)/Hellfire/Can't Sleep Tonight/*When The Irish Were Kings of New York/*One Way To Go/Wall/Legendary/*Come Around Mary/20 Miles/*Around The World/Whiskey and Water/*Wounded/*Mutineer (Warren Zevon cover)/Spark/ (Encore) *Bells/*Getting Off The Dime

August 31  (Band -- Double Door -- Chicago, IL)

Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect (debut)/Need Some Surrender/#49/Sword Of Damocles/Spark/Time After Time (Michael and Rich only)/When Doves Cry (cover - w/Lance)/Wounded/Hellfire/Cal-Sag Road Song/Freedom Highway (cover)/Wall/Gonna Be Good/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/(Encore) Can't Sleep Tonight (solo)/Like A Rolling Stone/Just West Of Eden

August 16  (Acoustic -- Clancy's of Portage -- Portage, IN)  (w/TJ)

*Sword Of Damocles/*#49/Hellfire/Spark/Murder In The First Degree/Arm Yourself (w/intro)/Time After Time/*Come Around Mary/*Are You Lonesome Tonight (Elvis cover)/*Bourbon Blue/Can't Sleep Tonight/Wall.Junkie Girl/20 Miles/*Around The World/ (Encore) *One Way To Go/Bells

August 10 (Acoustic -- Ravenswood Manor Park -- Chicago, IL)  (w/Lance)          Review

*Sword Of Damocles/*Saddest Girl/*Come Around Mary/*Here Comes The Rain Again/*One Way To Go/Time After Time (cover)/Wall (w/Lance)/Hellfire (w/Lance)/*Hold Back A River/*Day Like Tomorrow/*Bells (w/Lance)/20 Miles/*Around The World/(Encore) Spark 

August 9 (Acoustic -- House Concert -- Bolingbrook, IL)                      Review

*Sword Of Damocles/*Saddest Girl/*Come Around Mary/*Summer Days/*Kilkelly Ireland (cover)/*One Way To Go/Arm Yourself (w/intro)/Time After Time/Hole In My Show (Mike Jordan cover)/Grace Of God/Wall/Hand Of The Hunter/20 Miles/Legendary/Junkie Girl/Can't Sleep Tonight/*Bells/*Around The World

August 1  (Band -- The Annex -- Madison, WI)

Arm Yourself/Shadow Of The Capitol/Need Some Surrender/Getting Off The Dime/Wounded/Spark/Hellfire/Day Like Tomorrow/Unemployed/"*Around The World (solo)/Time After Time (cover - solo)/Cal-Sag Road/Freedom Highway (cover)/Wall/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/ (Encore) *One Way To Go (solo)/#49

July 13  (Acoustic -- Chicago Street Theater -- Valparaiso, IN)  (w/Lance)

Arm Yourself/Hold Back A River/Time After Time/Dimestore Mona Lisa (w/Lance)/Hellfire (w/Lance)/*One Way To Go/*Darkest Night Of All/*Summer Days/When Doves Cry (w/Lance)/Just West of Eden (w/Lance)/Legendary/Morning Never Brings/Can't Sleep Tonight/ (Encore) (part of) Junkie Girl (w/Lance)/Grace Of God

July 12  (Acoustic -- The Barn of Barrington -- Barrington, IL)  (w/Ed Fritz)

Arm Yourself/Getting Off The Dime/Sword Of Damocles/Unemployed/*Bourbon Blue/*Here Comes The Rain Again/*Dance With Me (live debut)/Broken Down Fence/Spark/Death In The Autumn Air/Wall/Grace Of God/*One Way To Go/20 Miles/*Around The World/Can't Sleep Tonight/(Encore) Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover)

July 4    (Band --Itasca Fireworks  -- Itasca, Illinois)    (opening for The Gin Blossoms)

Arm Yourself/Sword of Damocles/Need Some Surrender/Getting Off the Dime/Broken Down Fence/Spark/Cal-Sag Road Song/Gonna Be Good/A Wall I Must Climb/Freedom Highway (cover)/Hellfire in the Holyland/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere

June 20    (Band -- St. Josaphat Festival -- Chicago, Illinois)

Grace of God (Michael, solo, guitar)/Sword of Damocles/Gonna Be Good/Shadow of the Capitol/Hellfire in the Holyland/No. 49/Spark (Rich on vocals too)/Darkest Night of All (Rich on vocals too)/Unemployed/Wounded/Cal-Sag Road Song/Freedom Highway (Staple Singers cover)/Arm Yourself/A Wall I Must Climb/20 Miles south of Nowhere/(Encore) Junkie Girl

June 14   (Band -- Ribfest -- Chicago, Illinois)

Sword of Damocles/Getting off the Dime (with harmonica intro)/Need Some Surrender/Shadow of the Capitol/Unemployed/Hellfire in the Holyland (w/Lance)/Wounded/Spark/When Doves Cry (cover w/Lance)/Arm Yourself (w/In My Time Of Dying intro)
/Freedom Highway (cover)/A Wall I Must Climb (w/harmonica and w/Lance)/Cal-Sag Road Song/Gonna Be Good/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) Just West of Eden/Like a Rolling Stone (cover w/Pat on vocals + Michael)/I Can't Sleep Tonight

May 25    (Band -- USO Benefit, Navy Pier -- Chicago, Illinois)

Hellfire in the Holyland/Arm Yourself/Freedom Highway (Staple Singers) w/Ugochi on vocals in addition to Michael)

May 24   (Acoustic -- Oasis One-Sixty -- Chicago Heights, Illinois)

One Way to Go/Darkest Night of All/October/Here Comes the Rain (cover -- for Janet)/Hellfire in the Holyland/Grace of God/Spark/Cal-Sag Road Song/Murder on Her Lips/Happy Birthday/The Idler, The Prophet and a Girl Called Rain (this song was never truly performed, just started)/Arm Yourself (w/In My Time Of Dying intro)
Junkie Girl/A Wall I Must Climb/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) Baby, I/Just a Closer Walk With Thee (spiritual)

May 16  (Acoustic -- Riverside Ballroom -- Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Arm Yourself (with In My Time Of Dying intro)/Can't Sleep Tonight/Hellfire/*Guilty/*Bells/Wall/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/*Around the World/(Encore) 620 W. Surf/*Closer Walk

May 10  (? -- Jazz Central Station -- Springfield, IL)


April 26  (Acoustic -- Beverly Arts Center -- Chicago, IL) (w/TJ)

*One Way to Go/*Darkest Night Of All/Spark/Can't Sleep Tonight/Arm Yourself/*When The Irish Were Kings Of New York/Wall (w/Anne Harris on violin)/Hellfire/Unemployed/#49/*Here Comes The Rain Again (w/Anne Harris on violin)/Junkie Girl (w/Anne Harris)/20 Miles (w/Anne Harris)/*Around The World

April 18  (Acoustic -- Clearwater Theater -- West Dundee, IL) (w/TJ)

*One Way To Go/*Send In The Clowns (cover)/*Darkest Night Of All/Cal-Sag Road Song/Hellfire/Whiskey and Water/*Bourbon Blue/Unemployed/Just West Of Eden/Can't Sleep Tonight/When Doves Cry (w/Emm Gryner)/Wall/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/*Closer Walk With Thee/ (Encore) *Around The World/*Bells/Need Some Surrender/*Murder On Her Lips

April 7  (Band -- WXRT Opening Day Breakfast, -- Chicago, IL)


April 5  (Band -- Cubby Bear Lounge -- Chicago, IL)

Shadow Of The Capitol/Arm Yourself/Sword of Damocles/Getting Off The Dime/Darkest Night of All/Spark/Wounded/Hellfire (w/Lance)/Gonna Be Good/When Doves Cry (w/Lance and Ugochi)/Freedom Highway (cover)/Cal-Sag Road Song/Wall (w/Lance)/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/Can't Sleep Tonight (solo)/Like A Rolling Stone

March 29  (Acoustic -- The Barn of Barrington -- Barrington, IL)


March 28  (Acoustic -- Clancy's of Portage -- Portage, IN)


March 22  (Acoustic -- The Stirring -- Cordova, TN)


March 21  (Acoustic -- Gibson Lounge -- Memphis, TN)


March 20  (Acoustic -- Gloria Jean's Coffee House -- Germantown, TN)


March 16  (Acoustic -- Schubas -- Chicago, IL)

*One Way To Go/*Hold Back A River/Sword of Damocles/Arm Yourself/Unemployed/*Darkest Night of All/*When The Irish Were Kings of New York/(Irish song - title unknown)/Baby I/Cal-Sag Road Song/When Doves Cry (w-Ugochi)/Wall/Can't Sleep Tonight/Say Hey Charlie Boy/20 Miles/Leave It Up To The Angels/*Around The World/#49/Whiskey and Water

March 15  (Band -- Schubas -- Chicago, IL)

Getting Off The Dime/Sword of Damocles/Cal-Sag Road Song/Wounded/Arm Yourself/#49/Hellfire/Need Some Surrender/Freedom Highway (cover)/Gonna Be Good/Fisherman's Blues (cover)/Wall/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/(Encore) Bourbon Blue/Day Like Tomorrow

March 14  (Band -- Schubas -- Chicago, IL)

Arm Yourself/Sword of Damocles/Need Some Surrender/What You Think You Become/Cal-Sag Road Song/Spark/A Day Like Tomorrow/Hellfire/Wall/Gonna Be Good/Freedom Highway (cover)/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/Broken Down Fence/Bourbon Blue (solo)

March 2  (Acoustic -- Jammin Java -- Vienna, VA)

canceled due to illness

March 1  (Acoustic -- The Fire -- Philadelphia, PA)

canceled due to illness

Feb. 28  (Acoustic -- The Bitter End -- New York City, NY)  (w/TJ)                       Review

*One Way To Go/*Darkest Night Of All/*Wounded/Sword Of Damocles/Hellfire/*Hold Back A River/Arm Yourself/Grace Of God/Wall/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/*Around The World/(Encore) Can't Sleep Tonight

Feb. 27  (Acoustic -- Club Passim -- Cambridge, MA)

*One Way To Go/*Darkest Night Of All/Sword of Damocles/Hellfire/Grace of God/Arm Yourself/Need Some Surrender/Can't Sleep Tonight/20 Miles/*Around The World/ (Encore) Wall/Getting Off The Dime

Feb 26 (Acoustic -- The Whiskey Bar -- Hoboken, NJ)  (w/TJ)                             Review

*One Way To Go/*Darkest Night Of All/Sword Of Damocles/Hellfire/Arm Yourself/Death In The Autumn Air (w/Ed Fritz on accordion)/20 Miles/*Around The World

Feb 25  (Acoustic -- Club Cafe -- Pittsburgh, PA)


Feb 22  (Band -- Penny Road Pub -- South Barrington, IL)

Arm Yourself/Sword of Damocles/Getting Off The Dime/Spark/When Doves Cry (cover - w/Lance)/?/Broken Down Fence/(New song - title unknown)/What You Think You Become/Hellfire/Wounded/Freedom Highway (cover)/Gonna Be Good/Wall/Junkie Girl/20 Miles

Feb 7  (Band -- House of Blues -- West Hollywood, CA)

Arm Yourself/Spark/Darkest Night Of All/20 Miles/Wall/Hellfire/Junkie Girl

Jan 31  (Band -- Empty Bottle -- Chicago, IL)

(incomplete):  Spark/Wounded/Hellfire/Broken Down Fence/When Doves Cry (Michael w/Lance)/Just West of Eden/My Old Friend The Blues (w/Jack on vocals)/Gonna Be Good/Freedom Highway (cover)/20 Miles/Forgotten

Jan 29  (Acoustic -- Staples Center -- Los Angeles, CA)

National Anthem

Jan 24  (Band -- Canyon Club -- Agoura Hills, CA)

Arm Yourself/Spark/Darkest Night Of All/20 Miles/Wall/Hellfire/Junkie Girl

Jan 11  (Acoustic -- Club Tavern -- Middleton, Wisconsin)

Sword Of Damocles/Can't Sleep Tonight/Darkest Night Of All/One Way To Go/Hellfire/Baby I/Wall/Legendary/Around The World/Here Comes The Rain Again/(Encore) 20 Miles

Jan 4  (Band -- Cubby Bear North -- Lincolnshire, IL)

Sword Of Damocles/Getting Off The Dime/Suzie's Got A Brand New Hat/Hellfire/Oh Baby I/Darkest Night Of All/Spark/Broken Down Fence/Wounded/Wall/Gonna Be Good/Freedom Highway (cover)/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/(Encore) *Here Comes The Rain Again (solo)/Around The World



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