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This is a quick reference page regarding Michael McDermott's 2007 tour dates.  For full show reports by fans/attendees, go to The Pauper's Sky discussion forum, from which these lists have been compiled. (Note:  An asterisk beside a song signifies it was played on piano.) 

Shows with review pages on are marked accordingly...just follow the links by these shows to check out photos, commentary, etc.

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2008 Shows:


Dec. 20 (Band -- This Must Be The Place, Lemont, IL)    

The Great American Novel/Perfectly Imperfect/Arm Yourself/Spark/*Hold Back a River/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/Unemployed/*Diamond Lake/*Scars From Another Life/*Little Drummer Boy/Mississippi (Mike Jordan cover)?/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Encore: I Shall Be Healed book-ended by U2's "Bad" (w/Lance only)/Hellfire in the Holyland


Nov. 28 (Band -- Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL)    

The Great American Novel/Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Where the River Meets the Sea/Unemployed/Hold Back a River/Diamond Lake/Spark/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/Scars from Another Life/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Mississippi (Mike Jordan cover)/Mess of Things


Oct. 4 (Acoustic -- Kellogg Centennial Global Arts Festival Fountain Square, Evanston, IL)    

(w/ Heather, Nick and TJ)

The Great American Novel/Grace of God/Arm Yourself/Hold Back a River/Celtic Sea/My Monkey Is Gone (But the Circus Is Still In Town) (debut)/Perfectly Imperfect/So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere

Sept. 13 (Band -- SPACE, Evanston, IL)  

(w-Jon and TJ)

The Great American Novel/Broken/Don't Think Twice (Dylan cover - Pete Special on vocals)/Bad + I Shall Be Healed/*The Idler, the Prophet and a Girl Called Rain/Arm Yourself/A Wall I Must Climb/Shadow of the Capitol/Mess of Things/*Here Comes the Rain Again + Need Some Surrender/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Room 411/*Wounded


Sept. 12 (Acoustic -- McAuliffe's on the Square, Racine, WI)    

(w/Lance on bodhran)

Arm Yourself /Bad (U2) + I Shall Be Healed/The Great American Novel/Broken/Shadow of the Capitol/*Bourbon Blue/*Around the World/A Wall I Must Climb/When Doves Cry/Mess of Things/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere


Sept. 11 (Acoustic -- Cafe Montmarte, Madison, WI)    

The Great American Novel/Arm Yourself (w-In My Time of Dying intro)/Morning Never Brings/Don't Think Twice (Dylan cover)/I Shall Be Healed/*Bourbon Blue /Your Silence I Will Always Admire/Still Ain't Over You Yet (partial)/Room 411


Aug. 22 (Acoustic -- Pocart Central Musicale, Bologna, Italy)    

Shadow of the Capitol/Broken/Purple Rain (Prince cover - unplugged)/The Great American Novel/Redemption song (cover)/Arm yourself/Bad(into I shall be healed/)/Your Silence I Will Always admire/Murder in the 1st Degree/She's Gonna Kill Me/Death in the Autumn Air/Wall/Time After time (Cyndi Lauper cover - unplugged)/Into the Mystic (cover - joined by 2 Italian musicans)/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2 cover - joined by 2 Italian musicans)


Aug. 21 (Acoustic -- KM Zero, Cento, Italy)    

Shadow of the Sapitol/Broken/Arm Yourself (w/In My Time of Dying intro)/Into the Mystic (cover)/Still ain't Over You Yet/The River (duo with Flavio)/*The American in Me/*Wounded /Wall/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Bad/I Shall be Healed


Aug. 16 (Acoustic -- The Living Room, New York, NY)                                                           Review/photos coming soon

Great American Novel/620 West Surf/Wall/*I'll Tell Her When I Land/*Wounded/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Room 411/Shadow of the Capitol


Aug. 15 (Acoustic -- The Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA)                                                           Review/photos coming soon

Great American Novel/Can't Sleep Tonight/Arm Yourself (w/In My Time of Dying intro)/*My Father's Son/*Wounded/Wall (w/Lose Yourself intro)/Still Ain't Over You Yet/So Am I/*Long Way From Heaven/*Around the World/Cal-Sag Road Song/Room 411/*I'll Tell Her When I Land/Spark/Purple Rain (unplugged - amidst the audience)/(Encore) *Bourbon Blue/*Summer Days


Aug. 14 (Acoustic -- The Acoustic Cafe, Rockaway, NJ)                                               coming soon

Great American Novel/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Room 411/Shadow of the Capitol/Spark/Mess of Things


July 26 (Band -- Naperville Summer Nights-- Naperville, IL)                                                         

Michael, TJ, Nick, Jon, Heather

The Great American Novel (solo)/Summer Days/Celtic Sea/Perfectly Imperfect/Spark/So Am I/A Wall I Must Climb/Unemployed (solo)/ Purple Rain (solo)/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Arm Yourself/Live with Me (Rolling Stones)/Diamond Lake/The American In Me (piano)/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere


July 25 (Band --Freeport Music Festival -- Port Washington, WI)    

with Nick and TJ except where noted

The Great American novel (Solo Acoustic)/Summer Days/Spark/In My Time Of Dying/Arm Yourself/Still Ain't Over You Yet/So Am I/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/The American In Me/20 Miles South Of Nowhere


July 24 (Band -- McAuliffe's-- Racine, WI)    

with Nick and TJ except where noted

Arm Yourself (w/In My Time of Dying intro)/Celtic Sea/Need Some Surrender/So Am I /Still Ain't Over You Yet/Spark/A Wall I Must Climb/Scars From Another Life/Diamond Lake (with Get Up Stand Up ending)/Junkie Girl/The River (Solo Acoustic)/She's Gonna Kill Me (Solo Acoustic)/(Encore) 20 Miles South Of Nowhere


July 23 (Band -- Concerts in the Park-- Algoma, WI)    

Nick on Drums, TJ on Bass and Mark (From the Javelinas) on Guitar except where noted

The Great American Novel (Solo Acoustic)/Room 411 (Solo Acoustic)/Summer Days/Spark/So Am I/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Diamond Lake (with Get Up Stand Up ending)/Unemployed/A Wall I Must Climb /The American in Me/20 Miles South Of Nowhere/(Encore) Junkie Girl


July 3 (Band -- Summerfest-- Milwaukee, WI)    

Michael, John, Nick, T.J.

The Great American Novel/Summer Days/Scars From Another Life/Spark/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/So Am I/Arm Yourself/Mess of Things//20 Miles South of Nowhere


June 29 (Band? -- Martyr's (a b'day party) -- Chicago, IL)    

???  (In need of setlist)


June 28 (Band? -- In The Park Concert Series -- Horner Park-- Chicago, IL)    

(w/Jon Spiegel, TJ and Nick)

Great American Novel/Summer Days/Arm Yourself/Gonna Be Good/Unemployed/Wall/The American In Me/Junkie Girl/20 Miles/Encore: Room 411 (a.k.a. My Baby and Me)


June 21 (Acoustic -- Beverly Arts Center-- Chicago, IL)    

(show opened by Brian Fitzpatrick - see a video of his band performing with Michael on piano here.)

w/Angelo, Nino, TJ, and Lance

Great American Novel/She's Gonna Kill Me/Tread Lightly/*One Way To Go/*My Fathers Son/Spark/Unemployed/Shadow of the Capitol/Arm Yourself/I Shall be Healed/My Baby & Me/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/*The American In Me/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South Of Nowhere


June 20 (Acoustic [?]-- Cubby Bear -- Chicago, IL)    

w/T.J. and Nick

/Arm Yourself/Unemployed/The American In Me


June 19 (Acoustic -- McFaddens at the Ballpark -- Philadelphia, PA)    

Great American Novel (? debut) /Still Ain't Over You Yet/Can't Sleep Tonight/Purple Rain (Prince cover)/Shadow of the Capitol/Cal Sag Road Song/Spark/*Murder On Her Lips/I Shall Be Healed (w/U2 medley)/Wall/Tread Lightly/My Baby And Me (? - debut)/Mess of Things/Everything I Got


June 14 (Band -- Ballydoyle -- Downers Grove, IL)    

(Michael, Nick, T.J., Heather. Lance joined when noted.)

First Set:
/Arm Yourself /Celtic Sea/Fisherman's Blues (cover)/*Hold Back a River/*No. 49/Diamond Lake (started on guitar, moved to piano) [also included Bob Marley's Get Up Stand Up]/This was a montage of songs, which started with U2's Bad, then I Shall Be Healed, followed by When Doves Cry and Here Comes the Rain Again. Michael moved back and forth betwen guitar and piano and only Lance accompanied.

Second Set:
Shadow of the Capitol [w/Lance]/Legendary [w/Lance]/Still Ain't Over You Yet [w/Heather]/Gonna Be Good/A Wall I Must Climb /Junkie Girl

*Where the River Meets the Sea [w/Heather]/20 Miles South of Nowhere [band + Lance]


June 11 (Acoustic -- Wrigley Field -- Chicago, IL)    

National Anthem performance (which included a request by Jesse Jackson to be introduced afterwards)


May 24 (Acoustic -- McAuliffe's Pub -- Racine, WI)   

Broken/Cal Sag Road/Still Ain't Over You Yet/She's Gonna Kill Me (with Nino on square drum)/Shadow of The Capitol /*Wounded /*One For My Baby & one More For The Road (Sinatra cover)/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl /*Around The World/Purple Rain (Prince cover)


May 23 (Band -- Gaelic Park Irish Fest -- Chicago, IL)   

Michael, Heather, Nick, Rafe.

Celtic Sea/Spark/The American In Me/A Long Way From Heaven/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Dance With Me/*Hold Back a River/Perfectly Imperfect/She's Gonna Kill Me/Arm Yourself/So Am I/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere*Where the River Meets the Sea


May 22 (Acoustic -- Blender Theater -- New York, NY)   

w/Ed Fritz

Broken/Still Ain't Over You Yet /Tread Lightly (w/Eddie on accordion)/Arm Yourself (w/In My Time of Dying intro)/Long Way From Heaven (w/Eddie on piano)/American In Me (w/Eddie on piano)/Wall (w/Eddie on piano)/Shadow of the Capitol/*Wounded


May 17 (Acoustic -- ? -- Memphis, TN)   

??? (In need of setlist)


May 16 (Acoustic -- Lazy Days -- Indianapolis, IN)   

Shadow of the Capitol/Mess of Things/Still Ain't Over You Yet/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Spark/Cal-Sag Road Song/She's Gonna Kill Me/A Wall I Must Climb (unplugged)


May 15 (Acoustic -- Verve -- Terre Haute, IN)   

Broken/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Bad (U2 Cover) into I Shall Be Healed/Cal Sag Road Song/She's Gonna Kill Me/Shadow of the Capitol


May 8 (Acoustic -- Cafe Montmarte -- Madison, WI)   

Broken/Paupers Sky/Shadow Of The Capitol/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/I Shall Be Healed/*Wounded/*Around The World


April 26 (Acoustic -- S.P.A.C.E. -- Evanston, IL)   

(w-John Spiegel)

Broken/She's Gonna Kill Me/Long Way From Heaven/Still Ain't Over You Yet/*I'll Tell Her When I Land/*Wounded/A Wall I Must Climb/Mess of Things/Junkie Girl

*Scars From Another Life/Spark/A Kind of Love Song/Cal-Sag Road Song/Purple Rain (Prince cover)/*The American In Me/*I Shall Be Healed/(cover song?)/Mississippi (Mike Jordan cover - Dave from S.P.A.C.E. joined on guitar)


April 18 (Acoustic -- Naima Club -- Forli, Italy)   

[soundcheck (One/Bells]/Broken/Spark (dedicated to "Miami and the Groovers")/A Wall I Must Climb/Charlie Boy
Around The World/Bad / I Shall Be Healed


April 15 (Acoustic -- ??? -- Torino, Italy)   

[soundcheck: Can't Sleep Tonight]/Getting off the Dime/Death in the Autumn Air/Murder in the First Degree/A Wall I Must Climb/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Wounded/The American in Me/The River


April 13 (Acoustic -- La Locomotiva -- Osnago,LC, Italy)   

Arm Yourself  (w-In My Time of Dying intro)/A Wall I Must Climb /Mess Of Things /Junkie Girl /The American In Me /20 Miles South Of Nowhere /The River


April 12 (Acoustic -- Teatro Civico -- Dalmine, BG, Italy)   

Broken /A Wall I Must Climb / Arm Yourself (w-In My Time of Dying intro) /Still Ain't Over You Yet /The American In Me /Just a Closer Walk With Thee /The River


April 8 (Acoustic -- St. Mary Le Bow Crypt -- London, England)   

No 49/A Wall I Must Climb/Wounded/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Purple Rain (Prince cover)/I Shall Be Healed/Pauper's Sky/Hellfire in the Holyland/A Kind of Love Song/Forgotten /The American in Me


March 25 (Acoustic -- Jackson's -- Balleybofey, Ireland)   

Murder In The 1st/Grace Of God/Celtic Sea/When It Comes To You/Morning Never Brings/A Wall I Must Climb/Arm Yourself/Death In The Autumn/The American In Me/Murder On Her Lips/Still Aint Over You Yet/Long Way From Heaven/Wounded /Mess Of Things/Around The World/20 Miles South Of Nowhere/Gettin Off The Dime/One For My Baby and One More For The Road (Frank Sinatra cover)


March 24 (Acoustic -- Jackson's -- Balleybofey, Ireland)   

The American In Me/Bourbon Blue/Arm Yourself/Long Way From Heaven/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/Anything/No.49/I Shall Be Healed/A Kind Of Love Song/Unemployed/Spark/My Father's Son/One For My Baby and One More For The Road (Frank Sinatra cover)/Mess Of Things/Junkie Girl/Wounded/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Leave Her To Heaven/Around The World


March 17 (Band -- McNally's Irish Pub -- St. Charles, IL)   

Michael, Nick, Jon, Heather and TJ

I Am Stretched on Your Grave (Sinead O'Connor cover)/Perfectly Imperfect/Arm Yourself/Still Ain't Over You Yet/My Sweet Rapier/A Wall I Must Climb/Fisherman's Blues (Waterboys cover)/*The American In Me/*Diamond Lake/(An Irish song)/Unemployed/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Another Irish song)/Need Some Surrender


March 15 (Band -- Schubas -- Chicago, IL)    10PM Show

I Am Stretched On Your Grave (Sinead O'Connor cover/Arm Yourself (w/In My Time of Dying intro)/When It Comes To You/Spark/Traditional Irish Song (something about a gypsy)/Perfectly Imperfect/Still Ain't Over You Yet/So Am I/First Thing About Love/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Fisherman's Blues (Waterboys cover)/A Rovin' I'll go or Pair of Brown Eyes (not sure of the correct title)/Unemployed/Hold Back A River/Dance With me


March 15 (Band -- Schubas -- Chicago, IL)    7PM Show

I Am Stretched On Your Grave (Sinead O'Connor cover)
Scars From Another Life/Arm Yourself (w/In My Time of Dying intro)/Traditional Irish Song (not sure on the title...something about a gypsy)/Perfectly Imperfect/Diamond Lake/Still Ain't Over You Yet/So Am I/Celtic Sea/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South Of Nowhere/My Sweet Rapier/A Rovin' I'll Go or Pair Of Brown Eyes (not sure of the correct title)/A Man You Don't Meet Everyday(?)


March 3 (Acoustic -- Yakzies -- Chicago, IL)

*The American In Me/Unemployed/Arm Yourself/A Wall I Must Climb/*Hold Back A River/Mess Of Things/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere


Feb. 22 (Band -- International Folk Alliance Conference -- Memphis, TN)



Feb. 9 (Acoustic -- Linneman's Riverwest -- Milwaukee, WI)

(guitar on all songs -- joined by Lance on *)

Shadow of the Capitol*/I'll Tell Her When I Land/My Own Little World/Dance With Me/Murder in the First Degree/First Thing About Love/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Arm Yourself*/A Wall I Must Climb/A Kind of Love Song/Mess of Things/20 Miles South of Nowhere*/Never Going Down Again*/(Encore) Where the River Meets the Sea


Feb. 2 (Acoustic -- Wilbert's -- Cleveland, OH)

???    (In need of setlist)


Feb. 1 (Acoustic -- Hard Rock Cafe -- Boston, MA)

Celtic Sea/Dance With Me/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Arm Yourself (w/In My TIme of Dying intro)/Spark/Junkie Girl/A Wall I Must Climb/Leave It Up To The Angels/Wounded/Long Way From Heaven/Tread Lightly/One For My Baby (Frank Sinatra cover)/Mess Of Things/Say Hey Charlie Boy/Around The World


Jan. 31 (Acoustic -- Arlene's Grocery -- NY, NY)                                                                 Review page coming soon

Arm Yourself (w/In My Time of Dying intro)/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Wounded (partial)/Broken/Kind of Love Song/Spark/Mess of Things/20 Miles


Jan. 30 (Acoustic -- Maxwell's -- Hoboken, NJ)                                                                   Review page coming soon

Celtic Sea/Arm Yourself (w/In My Time of Dying intro)/*Wounded/*Long Way From Heaven/Wall (w/Brian Fitzpatrick and his band)/Mess of Things/20 Miles (w/Brian Fitzpatrick)/*Murder on Her Lips/One For My Baby and One More For the Road (in honor of Frank Sinatra having come from Hoboken)/Junkie Girl


Jan. 28 (Acoustic -- IOTA Cafe -- Arlington, VA)

???  (In need of setlist)


Jan. 26 (Acoustic -- The Tin Angel -- Philadelphia, PA)      10:30 Show                                            Review page

*I'll Tell Her When I Land/*Scars From Another Life/A Day Like Tomorrow/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Wall/*Lantern/*When It Comes To You/Thinkin' About You/*Murder On Her Lips/*My Father's Son/Mess of Things/20 Miles/Broken/(Encore) Around The World


Jan. 26 (Acoustic -- The Tin Angel -- Philadelphia, PA)      7:30 Show 

Dance With Me/Arm Yourself/Wounded/Spark/Bourbon Blue/Junkie Girl/Everything I Got/Kind of Love Song/Long Way From Heaven/I Shall Be Healed/No Words/Morning Never Brings/Just a Little Blue/A Wall I Must Climb


Jan. 25 (Acoustic -- Gullifty's -- Camp Hill, PA)                                                                   Review page coming soon

The Place of Your Man (Prince cover)/Grace of God/Murder in the First Degree/Cal-Sag Road/Mess of Things/*Where the River Meets the Sea/*One Way to Go/*I'll Tell Her When I Land/*Wounded/Still Ain't Over You Yet


Jan. 24 (Acoustic -- Club Cafe -- Pittsburgh, PA)

??? (In need of setlist)


Jan. 23 (Band -- Austin's Fuel Room -- Libertyville, IL)                                                          Photos

Celtic Sea/A Wall I Must Climb/So Am I/Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Unemployed/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Dance With Me/Hellfire in the Holyland/Scars From Another Life/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encores) The American In Me/Tread Lightly/No. 49


Jan. 10 (Band -- Ballydoyle -- Downers Grove, IL)                    Hellfire in the Holyland (video)            photopage 1                 photopage 2

First set:  Celtic Sea/Spark/Arm Yourself/Scars From Another Life/First Thing About Love/Tread Lightly/Still Ainít Over You Yet/So Am I/Wall/Natalia/Diamond Lake

Second set:  Dance with Me/When It Comes To You/Hold Back A River/Hellfire in the Holy Land/Long Way from Heaven/American in Me/No. 49/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Where the River Meets the Sea/(Encore) Perfectly Imperfect













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