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This is a quick reference page regarding Michael McDermott's 2006 tour dates.  For full show reports by fans/attendees, go to The Pauper's Sky discussion forum, from which these lists have been compiled. (Note:  An asterisk beside a song signifies it was played on piano.) 

Shows with review pages on are marked accordingly...just follow the links by these shows to check out photos, commentary, etc.

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2006 Shows:

Dec. 22 (Band -- House of Blues -Chicago, IL)

Scars From Another Life/Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Long Way From Heaven/Hellfire/Hold Back a River/When It Comes To You/First Thing About Love/Dance With Me/Since You've Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson cover)/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/One Question/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Little Drummer Boy/ (Encore) Diamond Lake/Need Some Surrender


Nov. 22 (Band -- Schubas -Chicago, IL)

Scars From Another Life/When It Comes to You/Perfectly Imperfect/Long Way From Heaven/Hellfire in the Holyland/Hold Back a River/First Thing About Love/Dance With Me/Arm Yourself/Still Ain't Over You Yet/One Question/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/A Wall I Must Climb/Diamond lake


Nov. 21 (Acoustic -- Schubas -Chicago, IL)

Scars From Another Life/Deirdre Dances/Long Way From Heaven/A Wall I Must Climb/Fool's Avenue/Mess of Things/Tread Lightly/Antique Store/(B'day tribute to Lance)/A Kind of Darkness/One Question/Unemployed/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Hand of the Hunter/Arm Yourself/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Cal-Sag Road/Junkie Girl/A Closer Walk with Thee

Video clips from the show...

Tread Lightly

Fool's Ave.


Sept. 30 (Solo Acoustic --"Play Chicago", Chicago History Museum-Chicago, IL)

(opening for Buddy Guy)


Mississippi (Mike Jordan cover)/Antique Store (piano)/Bourbon Blue (piano)/Arm Yourself/A Wall I Must Climb/Around the World (piano)/Mess of Things/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere


Sept. 16 (Solo Acoustic --CSPS Legion Arts-Cedar Rapids, IA)

In need of setlist


Sept. 15 (Solo Acoustic --Fine Line-Minneapolis, MN) 

Place of Your Man (Prince cover)/Wall/Father's Son/Antique Store/Arm Yourself/Still Ain't Over You Yet (w/Dan Navarro)/Mess of things/20 miles


Sept. 14 (Solo Acoustic --House Cafe-DeKalb, IL)

(may be incomplete)

Place of Your Man (Prince cover)/Hold Back a River?/Arm Yourself/I Shall Be Healed/Antique Store/Just a Little Blue/A Wall I Must Climb/Mess of Things/Long Way From Heaven/First Thing About Love


Aug. 19  (Band -- Hotel Lobero, Santa Barbara, CA)

Long Way From Heaven/Antique Store/Mess of Things/Just a Little Blue/Hellfire in the Holyland/Arm Yourself/Junkie Girl


Aug. 17  (Band -- Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA)

(In need of setlist)


Aug. 10  (Band -- Wise Fool's Pub, Chicago, IL)

Place of Your Man (Prince cover)/When It Comes to You/Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Hellfire in the Holyland/Mess of Things/Long Way from Heaven/Dance With Me/Unemployed/(Don't Know the) First Thing About Love/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere (with Gary Stier)/Thinkin' About You (solo)/(Encore) Need Some Surrender


Aug. 5  (Band -- North Halsted Market Days, Chicago, IL)

When It Comes to You*/Broken Down Fence*/Summer Days/Long Way from Heaven/Perfectly Imperfect/Hellfire in the Holyland/A Wall I Must Climb/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Gonna Be Good/Arm Yourself/First Thing About Love/Need Some Surrender/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) Unemployed


July 29  (Band -- Fitzgerald's, Berwyn, IL)

Mess of Things/ Long Long Long Way from Heaven/When It Comes to You (piano)/Perfectly Imperfect/Hellfire in the Holyland/First Thing About Love [debut] (piano)/Dance With Me/No. 49/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/Need Some Surrender/Junkie Girl/Everything I Got (piano)/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Arm Yourself


July ?  (Band -- Red Witch Cruise, Chicago, IL)

(In need of date and setlist)


July 9  (Band -- Lakeview Festival, Chicago, IL)

Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Hellfire in the Holyland/Long Long Long Way from Heaven/Hold Back a River/When It Comes to You/Dance with Me/Need Some Surrender/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere


July 7  (Band -- Irish American Heritage Festival, Chicago, IL)

(set with Fitz and the Celts plus an additional one his own...this is the setlist for the latter)

Never Going Down Again/Arm Yourself/Hold Back a River/I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For (U2 cover)/A Wall I Must Climb/Hellfire in the Holyland/Junkie Girl/Need Some Surrender/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) Summer Days


July 2  (Acoustic -- Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL)

Nat'l Anthem prior to Cubs game                                                                 Listen Here


June 24  (Band -- Durty Nellie's, Palatine, IL)

Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Hellifire in the Holyland/Hold Back a River/Broken Down Fence/Gonna Be Good/Spark/Long Way From Heaven/Need Some Surrender/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/Bells/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) Dance With Me


June 18  (Band -- Taste of Randolph, Chicago, IL)
w-Heather Horton and Nick Kitsos

When It Comes to You (piano)/Perfectly Imperfect/Hellfire in the Holyland/Long Long Way to Heaven/Hold Back a River/Broken Down Fence/Dance With Me/Spark/Unemployed/Bourbon Blue (piano)/Need Some Surrender/Still Ain't Over You Yet/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/Bells/20 Miles South of Nowhere


June 10?  (Acoustic -- Buddy Guy's Legends, Chicago, IL)

(In need of setlist) ???


June 3  (Acoustic -- High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI)

Mississippi (Mike Jordan cover)/Long Way From Heaven/Arm Yourself (w-In My Time Of Dying intro)/A Wall I Must Climb/Still Ain't Over You Yet/Mess Of Things/20 Miles South Of Nowhere


June 2  (Acoustic -- 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN)

Mississippi (Mike Jordan cover)/Long Way From Heaven/Arm Yourself (with In My Time of Dyin' intro)/Bourbon Blue (piano)/Still Ain't Over You Yet/When It Comes To You (piano)/Mess of Things/Junkie Girl/Morning Never Brings


May 26  (Acoustic -- Soldier Field, Chicago, IL)

Anthem and halftime show for Northern Ireland vs. Romania soccer match 
(in need of setlist)


May 15  (Acoustic -- The Living Room, New York, NY)                            Review 

Antique Store (piano)/Long Way From Heaven/Wall/Kind of Love Song/I Still Ainít Over You Yet/Wounded (piano)/Mess of Things/Drink You Off My Mind


May 14 (Acoustic -- The Bitter End, New York, NY)                                  Review

Getting Off The Dime (piano)/Motel Bed (piano)/Long Way From Heaven/Wall/Hand of the Hunter/#49/Mess of Things/Drink You Off My Mind/Bourbon Blue (piano)


May 6  (Eric Lowen Trust Benefit -- Park West, Chicago, IL)

Joined Lowen and Navarro onstage for "Walking on a Wire" (sang and played harmonica)


April 11  (Acoustic -- World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA)                        Review

*Antique Store/*Bourbon Blue/Arm Yourself (w/ In My Time of Dying intro)/Long Way From Heaven/Wall/Mess of Things/*Everything I've Got/20 Miles


April 4  (Acoustic -- "Corporate County Sucks" Channel 19 TV, Chicago, IL)

(Airdate, April 4th; recorded March 3, 2006)

Interview plus 2 songs (Off My Mind/Long Way From Heaven) -- Click the links below to watch video clips of each:

Off My Mind

Long Way From Heaven



March 18  (Acoustic and Band -- O'Brien's, Chicago, IL)

(Solo Acoustic)
Bourbon Blue/Molly Mockingbird (a.k.a. Cheap Motel Bed)/Bring 'em All In (Mike Scott cover)/Antique Store/Never Going Down Again


 (Band Set)
Arm Yourself/Hold Back a River/Sword of Damocles/Gonna Be Good/Out of My Head and Into Your Heart (? - cover)/My Sweet Rapier/Day Like Tomorrow/Unemployed/A Wall I Must Climb/Into the Mystic (Van Morrison cover)/*Murder on Her Lips/If I Should Fall From The Grace of God (Pogues cover)/The Whole of the Moon (Waterboys cover)/Need Some Surrender/Everything I Got/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Bells ?)


March 17  (Acoustic -- Durty Nellie's, Palatine, IL)

Bring 'Em Alll In (Mike Scott cover)/Spark/Cal Sag Road Song/Don't Think Twice (Dylan cover)/Into The Mystic (Van Morrison cover)/(Irish Eyes ? - cover)/Unemployed/(Traditional Irish song - Gypsy?)/Long Way From Heaven/Can't Sleep Tonight/Wall


Fisherman's Blues (Watervoys cover)/Summer Days(Unknown Irish Song)/No. 49/Pair O' Brown Eyes/Twenty Miles/Encore: Just Like A Woman (Dylan cover)


March 11  (Acoustic and Band -- O'Brien's, Chicago, IL)

Fisherman's Blues (Waterboys cover)/Arm Yourself/Hold Back a River/When Doves Cry (Prince cover)/(Unknown Irish Song - cover)/(Unknown Irish Song - cover)/Never Going Down Again/(? - Pogues cover)/Gonna Be Good/The Whole of the Moon (Waterboys cover)/My Sweet Rapier/(?)/Need Some Surrender/Happy Birthday (cover)/A Wall I Must Climb


(Unknown Irish Song - cover)/(Unknown Irish Song - cover)//Everything I Got/Junkie Girl//Bells//20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Drink You) Off My Mind (new)/No. 49


Feb. 11  (Acoustic -- Improv Theater [Late Night Late Show], Chicago, IL)

Click Here To Listen to the Podcast (Scroll down to the Feb. 11 date and click "Play Now" --  Michael's two-song performance is near the end of the rather lengthy broadcast so you'll probably want to skip ahead in the show). 





















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