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This is a quick reference page regarding Michael McDermott's 2005 tour dates.  For full show reports by fans/attendees, go to The Pauper's Sky discussion forum, from which these lists have been compiled. (Note:  An asterisk beside a song signifies it was played on piano.) 

Shows with review pages on are marked accordingly...just follow the links by these shows to check out photos, commentary, etc.

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Dec.17  (Acoustic and Band, Schubas, Chicago, IL) 

(w-The Outlaw Family Band backing on band show, and as the supporting act)

(Michael on keyboards for all songs)

Acoustic set:  Antique Store/Cal-Sag Road/Molly Mockingbird/Morning Never Brings

Band set:  Long Way From Heaven/Murder In the First Degree/Sword of Damocles/Hold Back A River/My Sweet Rapier/Unemployed/Broken Down Fence/Everything I Got/Reverse/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South Of Nowhere/(Encore) Little Drummer Boy/Just a Closer Walk With Thee


Dec.16  (Band, Schubas, Chicago, IL) 

(W-The Outlaw Family Band backing, and as openers)

(Michael on keyboards for all songs)

Long Way From Heaven/Murder in the First Degree/Sword of Damocles/Hold Back a River/Days That Try Your Patience/American In Me/My Sweet Rapier/Unemployed/Death In The Autumn Air/Everything I Got/Reverse/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) When It Comes To You/Little Drummer Boy/Just a Closer Walk


Dec. 8  (Band, Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA) 


Nov. 30  (Acoustic, Cyprus Ave, Cork City, Ireland) 

(w-Lance) opening for Hothouse Flowers


Nov. 29  (Acoustic, Finnegan's Bar, Wexford, Ireland) 



Nov. 27  (Acoustic, The Phoenix, Cork, Ireland) 



Nov. 26  (Acoustic, The Glens Center, Manorhamilton, Ireland) 

(w-Lance) opening for Juliet Turner


Nov. 24  (Acoustic, Cyprus Ave., Cork, Ireland) 

(w-Lance) opening for Nick Kelly

Death In The Autumn Air/Summer Days (solo piano)/Antique Store/Arm Yourself/Wall/Shadow Of The Capitol/Bourbon Blue/20 Miles


Nov. 23  (Acoustic, CrawDaddy, Dublin, Ireland) 

(w-Lance)   opening for Nick Kelly

Around The World/Bourbon Blue/Antique Store/Wall/Arm yourself/20 miles/When Doves Cry


Nov. 21  (Acoustic, The Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland) 

(w-Lance) opening for Juliet Turner

Around The World/Bourbon Blue/Antique Store/Arm Yourself/Wall/Murder On Her Lips/When Doves Cry/20 Miles


Nov. 20  (Acoustic, The Debarra, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland) 

(w-Lance) opening for Steafan Hanvey

American In Me/Bourbon Blue/Antique Store/Arm Yourself/When the Irish Were Kings of NY/20 Miles/Never Going Down Again


Nov. 19  (Acoustic, The Forum, Waterford City, Ireland) 

(w-Lance) opening for Juliet Turner

Bourbon Blue/Antique Store/Arm Yourself/Wall/20 miles/ (Encore) When Doves Cry (cover)

Nov. 5  (Band (?), The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL) 

867-5309 [Tommy Tutone]/Breakup Song [Greg Kihn Band]/Hard to Handle [Black Crows]/Whiskey Regret [Joe Lazar]/ Need Some Surrender/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [U2]/Fisherman's Blues [Waterboys]/Star of the County Down [???]/Tangled Up in Blue [Bob Dylan]/A Wall I Must Climb


Oct. 21  ("Pawnshop" feat. Michael McDermott, Horseshoe - 1st Anniv. Celebration, Chicago, IL) 

(cover songs...and more -- list is possible incomplete and definitely not in correct order)

Breakup Song? (Greg Kihn Band)/Lovesong (The Cure)/Hard To Handle (Black Crowes)/I Ain't Ever Satisfied (Steve Earle)/867-5309 (Tommy Tutone)/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2)/[Unknown -- by and with Joe Lazar]/Arm Yourself/Need Some Surrender/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South Of Nowhere


Sept. 30  (Trio, Chevy Auto Show, Arlington, IL) 

w/TJ on bass and Jack on drums

Arm Yourself/Spark/Need Some Surrender/Summer Days/No. 49/Hold Back a River/Sword of Damocles/Gonna Be Good/Wall/Junkie Girl/20 Miles


Sept. 30  (Acoustic, WGN Morning News, Chicago, IL) 

w/Jim Murray on percussion

Hand of the Hunter

Sept. 1  (Acoustic, The Borderline, London, England) 

Soundcheck: excepts from Never Going Down Again/Here Comes The Rain Again/ Need Some Surrender/Darkest Night Of All) Show:  *American In Me/*Bourbon Blue/Shadow of the Capitol/Unemployed/*Here Comes The Rain Again w-Need Some Surrender/*One Way To Go/Long Way From Heaven/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (cover - duet with Brian Houston)/Hellfire in the Holyland/Arm Yourself (w-"I'll Be Your Lover, Too" intro/Never Going Down Again/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South Of Nowhere/*Around The World



Aug. 28  (Acoustic, Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, England) 

American in Me (w/My Country 'tis of Thee/God Save The Queen opening)/ Wall/Arm Yourself/20 Miles/Around the World/Never Going Down Again/Closer Walk With Thee


Aug. 27  (Acoustic, Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham, England) 

*Wounded/ *I Shall Be Healed/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2 cover)


Aug. 18  (Electric, Waterfest, Oshkosh, WI) 

w/Dominique on bass and Bobby MacIntyre on drums

Who'll Stop The Rain (w/Baba O'Reilly intro - both covers)/Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Dance With Me/Spark/Hold Back a River/Long Way From Heaven/Wall/Hellfire/Leave It Up To the Angels/Junkie Girl/20 Miles


Aug. 17  (Band, Chicago Revolution, Chicago, IL) 

w/Heather on fiddle, Dominique on bass, and Bobby MacIntyre on drums

Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Dance With Me/Hold Back a River/Hellfire in the Holyland/Long Long Way from Heaven/A Wall I Must Climb/American in Me/Everything I Got/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere


July 30  (Acoustic, Kulak's Woodshed, Los Angeles, CA)  (Live Webcast)

*Murder On Her Lips/Hand of the Hunter/Bill's Barber Shop/*I Shall Be Healed (debut)


July 28  (Acoustic,  The Mint, Los Angeles, CA)

Arm Yourself/Hold Back a River/Long Way From, Heaven/Wounded/20 Miles/Lamb and the Lion/Junkie Girl/(another tune?)/Never Going Down Again

July 23  (Band,  Sheffield Garden Walk, Chicago, IL)

(w-Dominique, Nick, Heather)

Arm Yourself/Hellfire in the Holyland/Hold Back a River/Dance With Me/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2 cover)/Baby I/Perfectly Imperfect/The American In Me/Spark/Gonna Be Good/A Wall I Must Climb/Unemployed/Everything I Got/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones cover)

July 9  (Electric,  Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, IL)

(w-Jack, TJ, Heather)

Hold Back a River/No. 49/Summer Days/Fisherman's Blues/(Might have been another song here?)/Long Way From Heaven/Need Some Surrender/Gonna Be Good/Unemployed/Arm Yourself/Spark/(BREAK)/Time After Time (cover)/Baby I/A Wall I Must Climb/Peace, Love and Understanding (cover)/20 Miles South of Nowhere



July 8 (Electric ,  Irish American Festival, Chicago, IL)

(w-Jack, TJ, Heather, Lance)

Arm Yourself/Spark/Dance With Me/A Wall I Must Climb/When Doves Cry (cover)/Need Some Surrender/Junkie girl/Unemployed/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Peace, Love and Understanding (cover)



June 10  (Electric -- Castaways - North Ave. Beach,  Chicago, IL)

(w-TJ on Bass, Nick Kitsos on Drums, Lance on Bodhran)      

Set I:  Arm Yourself/Gonna Be Good/Spark/Sacred Ground/Hellfire in the Holyland/I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2 cover)/A Wall I Must Climb/Junkie Girl

Set II:  Time after Time (Cyndi Lauper cover/When Doves Cry (Prince cover)/Peace, Love and Understanding (Nick Lowe cover)/Oh, Baby I/ Unemployed/Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones cover)/20 Miles South of Nowhere/ (Encore) /Just West of Eden/Need Some Surrender/Never Going Down Again (solo)



June 7  (Band -- The Dragonfly, Hollywood, CA)



April 29  (Band -- The Mint,  Los Angeles, CA)

(w-Heather on fiddle, Dominique on bass, ? on drums)

Arm yourself/When It Comes to You/Dance with Me/Perfectly Imperfect/Hellfire in the Holyland/Long way From Heaven/Junkie Girl


April 9  (Acoustic -- Subterranean,  Chicago, IL)

(w-Heather on fiddle, TJ on Bass, Jim on percussion, Angelo on guitar and mandolin, Lance on bodhran)

One True Friend/Spark/Hellfire/Unemployed/Long Way From Heaven/Hold Back a River/Wall/Gonna Be Good/Junkie Girl/Twenty Miles/Never Going Down Again

March 26  (Acoustic -- The Barn of Barrington,  Barrington, IL)

(w-Lance on bodhran)

*The American in Me/*The Lamb And The Lion/*Misguided Companion/Arm Yourself/One True Friend (debut)/*Need Some Surrender/*Antique Store/Hold Back a River*/Whole Lot Better (debut)/Long Way From Heaven/A Wall I Must Climb/Baby I/ Unemployed /*Everything I Got/*Molly Mockingbird/*When It Comes To You/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Never Going Down Again/*Just a Closer Walk With Thee/(Encore)*Wounded/*Spark


March 17  (Acoustic -- St. Norbert College,  DePere, WI)

(w-Jim Murray on percussion and backing vocals)

Arm Yourself/Baby, I/* Hold Back a River/Wall/Long Way From Heaven/* Misguided Companion/My Sweet Rapier/* When It Comes To You/Hand of the Hunter/20 Miles/Never Goin' Down Again


March 12  (Band -- Double Door, Chicago, IL)

(w-Heather Horton on fiddle, Dominique on bass and Danny on drums.)

Arm Yourself/Perfectly Imperfect/Hellfire/Dance With Me/Hold Back A River/Spark/When It Comes To You/Unemployed/Long Long Way From Heaven (solo)/Time After Time (cover-solo)/Wall/Molly Mockingbird/Gonna Be Good/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore I) No. 49/Fisherman's Blues (cover)/(Encore II)  (part of) Baby I/Leave It Up to the Angels


March 11 (Acoustic -- Will County Sheriff's Office Benefit for Mike Farning, Joliet, IL) 

(w-Lance on bodhran)

Arm Yourself/Bells/Hellfire in the Holyland/Leave it Up to the Angels/When Doves Cry (cover)/A Wall I Must Climb /Hold Back a River/My Father's Son/Spark/Never Going Down Again/20 Miles South of Nowhere/Around the World /Just a Closer Walk With Thee


Feb. 27  (Acoustic -- Wingfest, Chicago, IL)                                             Review

Arm Yourself/Hellfire In The Holyland/Baby I/*Need Some Surrender/The Lamb And The Lion/*Antique Store/Borderline/*Hold Back A River/*Cal-Sag Road Song/Wall/Unemployed/Junkie Girl/Hand of the Hunter/20 Miles/*The American In Me


Feb. 20  (Acoustic -- Chicago Street Theater, Valparaiso, IN)             Review

*Misguided Companion/*The Lamb and The Lion/Arm Yourself (w/I'll Be Your Lover, Too intro)/*Hold Back A River/Idler/Baby I/Unemployed/Borderline/*My Father's Son/*#49/*Antique Store/Wall/*Molly Mockingbird/Long Way From Heaven/20 Miles/Never Goin' Down Again/*When It Comes To You (encore)

Jan. 28  (Acoustic -- Newberry Library, Chicago, IL)



Jan. 21  (Band -- The Abbey, Chicago, IL)

Arm Yourself/Upside Down/Perfectly Imperfect/Dance With Me/Hellfire in the Holyland/Hold Back a River/*Bourbon Blue (solo)/Time After Time (cover - solo)/*Dear (Drag cover, Kevin on lead vocals)/A Wall I Must Climb (w/harmonica)*When It Comes To You/Everything I Got/Junkie Girl/Leave It Up to the Angels/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) *No. 49 (solo)/My Sweet Rapier (w/Lance on bodhran)/I Touch Myself (cover)/(began with) Baby I (and ended with) Unemployed


Jan. 20  (Band -- The Abbey (WXRT free preview show), Chicago, IL)

Arm Yourself (w/Van Morrison's "I'll Be Your Lover, Too" intro + part of U2's "Vertigo" at end)/Perfectly Imperfect/Dance With Me/Hellfire in the Holyland/Hold Back a River/A Wall I Must Climb (w/harmonica)*Here Comes the Rain Again (solo)/ *Need Some Surrender (solo)/*Bourbon Blue (solo)/*When it Comes to You/I Touch Myself (cover)/Feel a Little Further/Everything I Got/Junkie Girl/20 Miles South of Nowhere/(Encore) Time After Time (solo, cover)/Unemployed (solo w/audience on chorus)/Leave It Up to the Angels








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