Sliding Stones — An Outlander “What If?”

by Mil Scott

March 2021 Update:  Pebble 3 is here!  Scroll down to check it out now. (Also, Pebble 4 is coming soon!)

February 2021 Update:  No worries — I have not abandoned this project!  Rather, a host of other writing “obligations” (which term I use very loosely as I love all of the writing endeavors I commit to) have kept me from devoting time to this bit of pure personal pleasure.  You can read more about these on a new blog post coming soon.  But, the only thing important to note here is that new pebbles will be rolling out shortly! (And, I can’t wait for you to see where they lead!)  

September 2020 Update:  For the ease of visitors who’ve already read the explanation behind them and are now following along with the pebbles themselves, I’ve relocated the bulk of the intro to a page of its own (linked below).  If you’re a newcomer to Sliding Stones, however, don’t skip this important precursor to the project!!!!  

Introducing… Sliding Stones:
Many reading this may be familiar with a late 90’s film entitled Sliding Doors — which took the imaginative approach of beginning a story in which a young woman missed a train, and then backing up to show the alternate scenario of her having caught it.  From that point on, it presents the two different journeys — and outcomes — that might have resulted from these two different split-second occurrences.  Similarly — and hence the title, Sliding Stones — this page introduces a work of what I call “fan fiction as creative criticism” to present an alternate scenario to Season 3 (and a bit of Season 2) of the Outlander TV series.  Specifically, it offers detailed speculation into “What if Claire and Jamie hadn’t been parted by Culloden?”

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Coming Soon – Pebble 4 — What Meets the Eye

NEW!!! Pebble 3 — Desperate Measures

 Pebble 2  — Scattered Petals of the White Rose

Pebble 1  — The Solid Rock