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To become transparent can make you invisible
to those who do not wish to see themselves.


Pour out

On paper

Every truthful (and terrified!)




 (Based on the love triangle at the heart of Wuthering Heights)


Awake My Love


In sleep, he calls me out – evoking memories


That will never be; swept away unbidden on a current


Of emotion, and apathy – stronger than the ocean’s tide


Found only on the sea of love.


Reality is left behind – to be continued…


The present is a blur of clarity – in a place


That cannot be, but is; in a time that is not time at all,


And yet, is eternity…


The time and place are love – deeper than ourselves,


Where and when will and desire cease,


And the reality of the world left behind


Is revealed as falsehood.


A destiny sealed by love – against which we have fought


And not won – yet we have not lost…


We face the false reality we have chosen;


We face the true reality we have denied,


But not destroyed – lest this destroy us.


Denial is useless, dreams are vain;


Only love is real – only love will remain.


The Novelist

This morning I arose, quickly put on my resolve

And decided it was time to at last help try and solve

All the problems of the world — or if not, again begin

On that book I want to write, one to surely score a win

Of a Pulitzer perhaps, or an Edgar or a White

Only wish the dialogue didn’t sound like such a fright…


Ah, well, just before I do, I’ll print out that application

For that course I plan to take, the one on mental motivation.

Oh, but now it’s nearly noon, I should really grab a bite;

When I come back after lunch I will try again to write.


Has it really been 3 hours since I left – how time does fly!

But, of course, I couldn’t come back without first a quick swing by

The nearest bookstore to seek out that tape on publishing a book –

Why on earth slave over work that might not even get one look?


Can’t believe it’s 8  already; it’s time for my favorite show!

And, of course, right after that the news, then off to bed I go.

We creative types, you understand, must surely get our rest,

To keep our brain cells fresh, our typing fingers at their best.


How apropos the words, “so much to do, so little time”!

Such a shame somebody else had to beat me to that line!

But, no matter, I’ve no doubt that I’ll soon think up one better;

Only first I have to do the wash, of course, and mail that letter…