2001 Madness


     December 2001 Highlights

      30th   A review of the film,Vanilla Sky,added
              to the Mad Ravings On...Movies 

     30th   A review of the film,Autumn In New York,
                 added to the Mad RavingsOn...Movies 

     28th  Poem "Lost Love or Just Lost?" added to 
             the Poems page.

      20th  They're here!!!  Photos and
               commentary from Michael 
               McDermott's Dec. 14 show!
                      Click Here!!!

      20th Thanks to all those who participated in
              the artistinsane.com Christmas screen-
              saver promotion "for McD fans only"!!! 

      14th  Michael McDermott at The Point in
              Bryn Mawr, PA.  Photos and a full
              review coming soon!!!

      11th   While using a friend's computer, I learned that 
               because your computer may not recognize the
               typefaces I've used on various pages (including 
               the home page) of this website, you may not be
               viewing it in the form it was created.  With 
               that in mind, I apologize for any irregularities
               in spacing or overall appearance.  And if you
               are experiencing problems or technical
               difficulties of any kind with the site, by all
               means use the
Contact Mil page to let me know. 

       9th   Brian Fitzpatrick at The Bitter End in NYC -- an excellent show 
               that included a mix of great new songs from the forthcoming
               album, State of Grace, and material from his prior two releases 
               (including the truly outstanding "I Can't Be Your Savior" -- plus a 
               fantastic cover of Michael McDermott's "Kung Fu Videos".  
               For more info or to check out upcoming show dates, visit brian-fitzpatrick.com.  
               P.S.  Can you believe we left out camera just inside the front door 
               when leaving home for the show -- thus (alas) no photos...                 

       4th   Poem "Senior Class" added to the Poems page.

      November 2001 Highlights

       29th  They're here -- photos from The Stone Pony...
                  Click Here!!!        

       24th  Michael McDermott at The Stone Pony
               as part of a benefit for World Hunger Year!
               Photos coming soon!!!  

       18th   Congrats to Jeff Gordon on winning his 4th
                Nascar Winston Cup Championship!!!

       15th   In the spirit of "tis the season" (albeit a wee bit 
               early)...a special promotion for all Michael
               McDermott fans introduced

       15th   Poem "To A Friend" added to the Poems page.

       15th    Lyric "Nerve" added to the Lyrics page.

       15th    Poem "I'm Sorry" added to the Poems page.

       15th    Lyric "Lost" added to the Lyrics page.

       3rd   They're here!!!  Photos, commentary, etc. 
                from Michael McDermott's 10/26 show in
                Hartford, CT!      Click Here!!!  

      October 2001 Highlights

       26th  Michael McDermott in Hartford, CT!!

       14th  Alas, so far it's been another one of those
              maddeningly sane months.  I have complete 
              faith, however, that some exciting "new madness"
              will once more be soon forthcoming...watch 
              for it!!!

      September 2001 Highlights

       21st  Humorous Essay "The Things I'd Call My
              Cell Phone...If Only I Could!" added to
              "Mil's Writings"...Essays  
              (I would call this a "short story" except that technically 
              these are fictional, and (unfortunately!) this one is all too true!)

        2nd  They're here!!!  Photos, review and
               commentary on Michael McDermott's
               8/18 show at The Point in Bryn Mawr!
                         Click Here!!!

      August 2001 Highlights

       23rd   Added photo/review page of Michael
                McDermott's 8/16 show in NYC!
                    Click here to check it out now!!!          

                Bryn Mawr (8/18) show photos/review and 
                commentary coming very soon!

       22nd   Short Story "Just Bea Leeve"
                 added to the "Mil's Writings"... Stories 

       22nd   Lyric "Gun Control"
                added to the Lyrics page.

       22nd   Poem "Coming of Age" added 
                to the Poems page.

       18th   Michael McDermott at The Point
                in Bryn Mawr, PA!!!

       16th   Michael McDermott returns to 
                Brownie's in NYC!!!  

      July 2001

       8th    I don't know how many of you notice things like hit
                counters on websites, but the one on this site's 
                homepage indicates that artistinsane.com has had
                had over 700 visitors since it debuted on the internet
                in Feb.  Thanks to all of you for that, and I hope
                it continues to be a place you want to return again
                and again!!!

               That said, I would like to add that very few of you
                have chosen to make it your own by contributing
                your thoughts on the site's discussion board.  So 
                let's make a positive addition to the site together
                by changing that today!  I've wiped out all the old
                posts, leaving plenty of space for you to voice your
                opinions.  So if there are things you like about the
                site, things you agree with, or things that absolutely
                drive you CRAZY...by all means "Share The 
                Insanity" on the
Discussion Board now!!!

       8th    Congrats to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for turning
                 tragedy to triumph with his commanding victory at
                 the Pepsi 400 in Daytona last night!!! 

                (Yes, I am aware that it may seem crazy for one
                   who loves Shakespeare to also enjoy Nascar
                  Winston Cup racing...but hey, this is artistinsane!)


      June 2001 Highlights

       17th    Unfortunately so far this month has been entirely 
                too sane with little new madness to report.  
                However, I hope to have some new craziness to
                offer very soon so please check back!

      May 2001 Highlights

        21st    Photos, review, commentary of Michael 
                 McDermott's 5/12 show at Brownie's added!!!
                          Click Here!!!

        19th  Four new titles added added to "Mil's 
                  Writings"...Lyrics ..."Haunted", "Dorian Gray",
                 "Watercolor Soul" and "The Ghosts Are Gone". 
                 Click the link above to check them out now!!!

        14th   "Awake My Love" added to "Mil's Writings"...Poems   

        12th   Michael McDermott performs at Brownie's in NYC.  

                 Photos and a review coming very soon...

        5th    Michael McDermott returns to The Point in Bryn
                Mawr, PA      

                Another fantastic show!!!  For photos and a full review...

                                     Click Here!
      For more info about this gifted recording artist, go to... Mad Ravings On...Music                                                           


(Scroll down to see photos/recaps of his Jan. NYC and Philly area shows)



     April 2001 Highlights

      15th   Dramatic monologue "Hamlet's Final
               Thoughts"  added to "Mil's Writings"...Drama

        15th   "Nance at 18" added to "Mil's Writings"...Poems  

               Use the links provided above to read these newly added works now!

       6th   My husband's parents treated us to a great performance of "Behold The Lamb", the 
               spring/Easter program running through May 26 at Sight and Sound in
               Lancaster, PA.  It was fantastic!

                   Click Here For More Details

      March 2001 Highlights

        18th   A review of the Edward Burns, Robert 
               DeNiro film, 15 Minutes added to the Mad Ravings On...Movies 

      16th  A commentary on Almost Famous added to the Mad Ravings On...Movies 

      12th   A discussion of Erin Brockovich as a Best Picture Nominee

      12th  The Poem "Art" added to "Mil's Writings"...Poems  

      12th The Essay "Mil's Personal Reaction to Wuthering Heights" added
             to "Mil's Writings"...Essays  

     February 2001 Highlights

      25th   A review of the Tom Hyman novel, Seven  Days to Petrograd  --  
               Check it out now at... Mad Ravings On...Books !                                

     10th   Mil's review of Hannibal...go to Mad Ravings On...Movies  

                     A Page on 
                  1/27 show at 
                  The Point...
                  Click Here!

10th   Short Story "When Morning Breaks" added  --
                  go to "Mil's Writing" and click on "stories" to 
                  read this brand new work!

          8th          Workshop reading of the short story/monologue
                        "Of Julie and Better Men" at Planet One
                         Cafe on Astor Place in the East Village


       January 2001 Highlights

        29th   Pearl Jam releases bootlegs of the 2000 American tour (see link to the
                 Pearl Jam website in the music section of the Mad Ravings On...page for
                 details) -- I was at the Sept. 1 Camden, NJ show and can testify that a CD
                 of this performance would indeed be a very worthwhile purchase.

        27th   Michael McDermott live at The Point in Bryn Mawr, PA

                 The best show I've seen by Michael yet --  
                          don't miss him when he comes to your town!

         24th  Michael McDermott live at the Mercury Lounge on Houston St.
                 in NYC   (follow the links to his website for upcoming shows in your area)



         Photos of Michael at the 
                       Mercury Lounge!!!



       22nd  Robert Downey, Jr. wins Golden Globe Award for his work on Ally McBeal -- Congrats Robert!


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