Around Again
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Around Again

Just as the evening falls, the lights begin to rise
When your conscience calls do you answer it with lies?
Can you hear me, can you see me, can you reach me at all?
Will you stab me in the back when my face is against the wall?

What was that you were saying, or did I even hear a sound?
Was it you I saw smiling then, when I hit the ground
I can see where we're heading Baby, I know where we've been
Gotta break this vicious circle, gotta stop it now before we go around again
before we go around again

Sprung like a leak the colors streaked like lightening across the sky
In the valley of the meek I will hope to die
Sometimes it's so lonely, other times I'm on top
Other times it's like I'm falling, there's no way I can stop

Free be the rain that falls in the drought of the land
Free be the ocean bank that rushes to the sand
Free be the silent from, from this senseless din
Free be the soul that's tortured now, 'cause here we go around again
here we go around again

Denounce who you bow down to, denounce all you know
Denounce the fear that controls you and tells you which way to go

Steam fast ghost of the chapel, messengers plagued by words
claim for the song, truth had become absurd
listen to the sermon told within your heart
destroy what you have built when you begin to start

Tell me lies tell me anything, just so I can hear your voice
just give me one good thing in which I can rejoice
Because hereís where Iím started now, here's where I'll begin
to redefine all that I know. 'Cause here we go around again
here we go around again
here we go around again
here we go around again...