Just How Ugly...
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Just How Ugly I Am


I watched Matilda waltzing

I thought about my faults and my failings

What was I thinking

I was standing by the stage door,

Waiting for the show to begin.


I was in a freefall

Still searching for the bottom

Riding on a heart that I stole

One thing Iíve learned is

Donít think youíve ever got it

ĎCause some things you never can hold


Didnít feel like goiní out,

Didnít feel like staying in

Making deals with demons at my command

That no one will ever see

Just how ugly I am.


I was leading the parade

I was stumbling to a mighty applause

Outside just staring at the mayhem and ?

I knew deep down that I caused


Maybe sometimes I know I can be too calculated

But I ainít complicated at all.

Yeah, I assure you itís just another costume

His majestyís masquerade ball


These rooms are dark for reasons

Deception even treason

I donít know how much more I can see

Maybe inside they finally see

Just how ugly I am

Donít want anyone to see

Just how ugly I am


Iíll be pleased to meet me

Just as soon as I find out where to go

You must be joking You never could defeat me

Thereís some things youíll never know


Sometimes I find it so laughably amusing

Confusing and a little bit sad

I swear to you, on the day of reckoning

Iíll find the things I never had


And a voice spoke to me sweetly

I fell for her completely

Thereís one thing she donít yet understand

But someday sheís gonna see

Just how ugly I am

I hope she never sees

Just how ugly I am

I pray to God she never sees

Just how ugly I am


Donít want anyone to know

Just how ugly I am