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What Is It We Do Now


We never thought the dark clouds would find us

Before we go any further leave the past behind us

And the scars we reveal are there to remind us

That even love sometimes can lean to blindness

Itís a stalemate between our love and hate

Between these lies and these vows

Oh, babe, what is it we do now


Sarah, tell me what it is that youíre thinking

The love you had for me I can see it is shrinking

Can we salvage anything here thatís remaining

ĎCause lately what we hadís been moving and draining

You talk so much, I donít know what about

But stand up and take your bow

One question Ė what is it we do now


Lately it seems we canít say anything

It comes out all wrong

Babe, I swear Iíd give you everything

But I donít know if itís with you I still belong


I called a cab, itíll be here by midnight

We were caught between a foolís moon and the daylight

And Iíve still got three leaves on that four leaf clover

But, babe if it is, just say that itís over

The cab horn sounds from the street below

Can we make this work somehow

Baby, please, what is it we do now

My love, what is it we do now


What is it we do now

Yeah-eh, what is it we do now

Yeah-eh  ooh-hoo  ooh-hoo

What is it we do now