The Lamb and...
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The Lamb and the Lion


 I laugh every time I start crying
 Do you got the heart of a lamb or a lion
 Iím alive but it feels like Iím dying
 Dying to see her again


 I had to forget her to remind me
 Sometimes I feel my best days are behind me
 I think I had to lose her just to find me
 My actions I can barely defend


 Had to love to know hatred
 Knew the evil knew the sacred
 Yet I still donít know what it is that Iíve found
 And wonder why that I
 Always take the long way around


 Had to fall down to keep myself standing
 Do you feel a home here abandoned
 Flying high but thereís no room for landing
 Your not sure where you wanna go


 Had to stop just to keep myself going
 So many things I have yet to be knowing
 In the distance I can see a beacon glowing
 Guess I had to get high to get low


 Had to doubt to believe
 Had to trust and deceive
 Had some dreams dashed without even a sound
 Still I wonder why do I
 Always take the long way around


 For the sake of the weak and the dejected
 For the songs of the meek and neglected
 For the prayers of the lost and rejected
 Everybody has to chart their own course


 Had to forget to finally start learning
 Has your life become a bit disconcerting
 Have you cooled the first inside that was burning


 It is love or only self loathing
 Are you a wolf in sheepís clothing
 Are you still lost or are you now found
 Is it true even you
 Always take the long way around