Six on the...
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Six on the Out

The sidestreets slam assorted tales
and drunken jackasses betrayals
through the everlasting maze
your anger borne of your malaise

Matilda said if I saw you here I should
whisper "the coast is clear" and say
"six on the out" and that you'd know what I'm saying,
six on the out, it's a game that everybody's playing around here

I've been (burned and (burdened?)) I've been bored
even turned my back unto the Lord
I've carried my weight in shame and guilt
destroyed the house my Father built

I killed the forces I've created
loved what I had hated,
six on the out, yeah you're pushing and you're pulling
six on the out, yeah you dare know who you’re fooling,
six on the out, Lord pull me up, pull me up

through your pride and humility
cast my dreams unto the sea
in hopes that they'd someday return
instead they left me here to burn
six on the out, pull me up
six on the out, pull me up

light the listless lamps tonight
and call the desperate for to fight
the sounds of hooves on Front Street blare
until you're just too tired to care

I dreamt this battle years ago
the colors bleed in my mind like a carnival
six on the out, the time is still unwinding
six on the out, the frustration can be blinding

six on the out, pull me up, pull me up
six on the out, won't you pull me up, pull me up