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It Really Doesn’t Matter Anymore


It’s another dead end night

It’s like nothing happens here at all

By the glow of the neon light

I see my father’s heroes on the wall

And I wonder where she is

And just who it is that she’s somewhere with

I taste my drink, smile, give Jeff a wink,

He makes the nicest ?

‘Walkin ‘after midnight’ played as I went walking out the door

Why can’t I realize

It really doesn’t matter anymore




The Clark streetlights flicker

In the never ending heat

I was walking when I ran into an old friend, Little Lonesome Pet

He says he’s stuck in some sales job

One he can’t even stand

Then he asked me if I needed any help

He’d load equipment for the band

He said Theresa his love left him for a guy at Federal Express

Yeah, I asked him what when wrong

He said, “The girls so easily impressed

Yeah, the little brick road has begun to corrode

[The ?] future of this barroom whore

Michael, have you realized

Love really doesn’t matter anymore”


Five o’clock in the morning

I just don’t feel like goin home

I don’t know why but it feels like

Someone’s trying to reap

Every seed that I’ve sown

Guess I’m looking for something sacred to help me

Pick my ass up off the floor

It frightens me to think

That it really doesn’t matter anymore

Don’t believe ‘em when they say

It really doesn’t matter anymore