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Hey there, who turned the lights off

Got a graveyard mind and a tombstone cough

I been turned upside down

Confused and misled

There痴 a shadow of a gunmen

Here in my head

And I whispered the prayer St Theresa would say

I saw my unborn children in a field at play

Been looking all over

For what I don稚 know

Been walking through gardens

Where nothing will grow

I知 so tired


I知 hungry and I知 haggard

In need of a shower

My legs they just stagger

In the wee(?) morning hour

Both sides on the middle

Something痴 gotta give

One thing痴 for sure

This ain稚 no way to live

I知 so tired of losing

I知 tired of abusing


And everybody needs some kind of crutch

Nobody knows nobody, not all that much

Does salvation exist , does forgiveness reign

The ghosts of my regrets keep calling my name

I知 so tired, tired of confessing

I知 so tired of second guessing

I知 tired of these dark rooms

And I知 so tired, tired of these saloons


My jeans, they are dirty

My jacket is torn

I know that a blossom can grow from a thorn

I知 torn by the winds of futility

I知 doing everything for everybody but me

I知 so tired, tired of being lonely

I知 so tired of feeling homely

I知 so tired, tired of this longing

I知 so tired of not belonging


I知 tired of isolation

I知 tired of my frustration

I知 so tired, tired of never winning

I知 so tired, my head is spinning

I知 so tired of hearing voices

I知 so tired, I知 tired of these choices

I知 so tired of not believing

I知 so tired of deceiving

I知 so tired, tired of running

I知 so tired of never, never becoming

I知 so tired, tired of confessing

I知 so tired of second guessing


I知 tired, tired, tired, tired, tired.