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Yes, it's that time again....

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On August 24th Michael McDermott will celebrate another birthday...which means, of course, it's time for the 5th Annual McDermott Birthday Celebration -- a joint effort to make Michael's day just a little more special, by all of us in the pauper community -- and that includes not just fans, but friends, family, short anyone and everyone who shares an appreciation for this amazing artist and his incomparable work.

As many of you know, last year we created "The Album Jacket" -- a unique and multi-faceted creation designed to offer a bit of celebratory speculation into Michael's newest album -- or what we then thought/hoped this might contain -- and a McBirthday gift Michael himself said was the "best one yet".  As it turns out, however, the incredibly prolific artist himself has already finished and scrapped the "mystery" album we were then awaiting -- and has since created yet another "mystery album" -- which we are awaiting now. 

Thankfully, during the interim, Michael has still given us much new music to enjoy -- and old music to rediscover -- over the last year via his page at

That Gal of Mine
All My Love
Dimestore Mona Lisa
Anywhere But Here
Sorry Still
My Sweet Estelle
Would That It Were
I See You In Myself
Misguided Companion
A World Away
Josiah's Prayer
Wrong Direction
Just How Ugly I Am
By Now
When The Rain Comes Down
Bill's Barber Shop
Flesh And Soul
Hole In My Heart
Post Time
Kind of Love Song
Whole Lot Better
Back In The Day
River, Mighty River
Pale Light Of Mercy
When It Comes To You
Just Get Through The Night (alternate version)
Let You Down
Around Again
Midnight Chill
Pullin' Me Down
Burnin' At The Stake
Need Some Surrender (Seattle version)
Saddest Girl
Under The Undertow 
The Lamb And The Lion
Abandoned In Between
Things Are Gonna Get Better
No Goin Back
I Feel So Alive
It Really Doesn't Matter Anymore
Long Day's Journey
Love And Hate
Night Blooming Jasmine
Taste of Love
I Feel So Alive
Six On The Out
The American In Me
Still Ain't Over You Yet
The End of the Light
What Is It We Do Now
Never Goin' Down Again
The First Thing About Love


It's therefore this (rather dauntingly) bountiful gift from which we're going to compose this year's pauper project to give back to him.   And, of course, it's hoped once again that the finished product will prove a fun and meaningful creation that will add a little something extra to an already special day.

That said, I must add here that to prevent any chance of Michael finding out what we're giving him before his big day arrives, as with the "2004 McBirthday Bash" and 2005's "Album Jacket", this year's finished product -- its title, its theme, its construction...everything -- is once again going to be a complete surprise... and that means a surprise to even all of its participants!

However,  I can tell you that the basic item around which the gift will center is one that indeed has a very strong basis in Michael's work.  I can also tell you that (with your help, of course...after all, it's really all of you who make the project...I just add my one submission like the rest and assemble the pieces) the finished product will be unique, interesting -- and I hope a bit of fun.  And,  I hope as well, that by combining various concepts from Michael's artistic life thus far, our collective past McBirthday projects  -- and a look toward the aforementioned new work yet to come, we will succeed in creating a gift that will indeed prove a most welcome present when Michael opens it on August 24th.               



The 2005 Mystery Album 

The 2006 McDermott Birthday
Celebration -- The SURPRISE
Pauper Project...ssshhh!!!

The 2006 (Acoustic) Album 
(coming in 2007!)...

And, in order to make this whole thing happen, the following are the items I need from you (which, incidentally, I realize will sound VERY familiar if you've participated in the birthday projects of prior years.  However, I assure you, this year's work will result in an entirely different finished merely once again incorporates elements of these prior celebrations in its construction.  After all, the common thread all of these projects share is use of the gift that is Michael's music and his insightful lyrics to create something new and different and special by applying them to a gift we in return can give to him -- as our thanks for all he's given us, and a celebration of the unique individual who is the artist himself):


Item/Step 1:

    Each person chooses a line from a Michael McDermott song appearing on his myspace page during the last year as listed above (there may be one or two more than I've noted, and new ones are, of course, being added each week, which may be used as well -- but the list should give an adequate selection to choose from).  I've included links to a few of these songs' lyrics among the list for anyone needing those.  Moreover, I completely relate to the impossibility of narrowing so many great lyrics down to only one! BUT, you do need to choose just one, and as quickly as possible, since, as always in these endeavors, time is of the essence.  

     Then, decorate the line you've chosen in any way you like (just remember that keeping it "small" is the operative concept here since we'll be combining everyone's efforts in another phase of the project, and it's important that there's room for everyone's contributions...once again this year it is especially imperative that the decorated line should be no larger than 3" square, 2" x 6" long or something very close thereto.  NOTE:  Any submission too large to be fitted in whole will be edited as needed.).  You can use colored construction paper, plain white copy stock, ruled notebook sheets, post-it notes, fabric, metal, plastic...pretty much anything your heart desires as long as it's flat.  As for the decoration, again, pretty much anything goes....calligraphic writing with formal pens, brush strokes with kids' watercolors, plain printing with an ordinary ballpoint...whatever you wish (...the illustration shown here offers just one simple example, using a pre-designed/printed blank business card). 

   And, under the unreleased McDermott line you've created, sign your name as, of course, we want Michael to know who his work has inspired to be a part of this project.

Item/Step 2:

     Each person must once again buy Michael a birthday card (of average size.  Or, you may wish to create a homemade one...or, if you prefer, you can simply write a letter expressing your appreciation of his work, wishes for a great year, etc.  Or, you may send a small -- VERY SMALL  -- gift [remember, the finished product has to include ALL of our collective submissions and still be of a size suitable for mailing!] .  In any case, it's your choice...the point is merely to submit some form of birthday greeting/celebration of Michael's life and work. 


Step 3 is to send the above items to:  (NOTE: This is a new street address since last year.)

                                  The 2006 McBirthday Celebration
                                  c/o Mil Scott
                                  52 Millbrook Road
                                  Washington, NJ  07882 

(Please include your e-mail address if you would like to be notified of your submission's receipt.)





Lastly, I just want to add that if you're new to this whole process and want to check out the past three years' projects before getting involved, just follow the links below...

Paint Michael A Song (2002 Project)

The Pauper Road (2003 Project)

Ashes To Ashes (2004 Project)

The Album Jacket (2005 Project)


Of course, before sending the finished product, I will photograph it and subsequently post the image here on, explain the theme, etc., so everyone who has participated can see at last the completed gift Michael opened on Aug. 24th. (Obviously, keep in mind I can't actually post the photo until after the 24th...just to make sure a certain someone doesn't see it before that!!!)

Well, that's the idea!  What do you think?  Any thoughts, suggestions, comments?  If so, please feel free to contact me with those anytime (though I warn you in advance, don't bother asking me to reveal to you the surprise!!!)...just drop me an e-mail at



"See" you at the "party"!!!







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