Underpass 1-12-02
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If you've visited artistinsane.com before and checked out the pages on Michael McDermott's various 2001 shows you may have already been introduced to Brian Fitzpatrick's work in a "supporting role", so to speak.  And indeed it was through attending Michael's shows that my husband and I, too, first became acquainted with Brian's music.  Having once heard a little of this, however, we very quickly became interested in hearing more.  As a result, we experienced our first Brian Fitzpatrick show at New York City's legendary "Bitter End" in Dec. 2001.  And having been very favorably impressed we immediately began looking forward to another such opportunity.  The photos and commentary that follow briefly recap our second encounter with this artist's work...


Elmwood Park, NJ



Accompanied by the likewise very talented Ed Fritze (who alternated between piano, accordion and piccolo throughout the show) Brian opened with the song "North Woods" from his forthcoming album, State of Grace...


 "I want to thank
     you for your

   The under-
    standing meant
    so much to me..."


...followed by an impassioned performance of a dark tale "about loving the one you hate and hating the one you love", "Cross That Line"...


"I know I'm balancing on
    a dime,
 'Cause I ain't killed you

 But one of these days
    I'm gonna cross that

  One of these days..."


This was followed by one of my personal favorites, "I Can't Be Your Savior" from Brian's first album, the 1997 release, Other Side...


 "I can't be your savior;
   I don't have the grace
      or the stealth...

   I can't be your savior;
   I can't save you from


...and another new song from State of Grace, "Sweet Maria" -- one Brian described as an Irish song with Spanish lyrics...

 "Oh sweet Maria, she
     knows how I need

  She calls me a
     dreamer, a
     ruthless believer --

  There's so much
     that she doesn't see"


After this came "an old country song" I'd never heard before, one on which singing along was encouraged -- and actively engaged in!  Though I'm not absolutely certain of the title, it seemed to be "Give Back The Key To My Heart"...at least I'm sure I heard that phrase repeated  -- loud and clear -- from quite a chorus of voices in all corners of the room!

Back on more familiar ground, a selection from Brian's second album, When I Bleed, followed.  As he explained before beginning it, "The Greeting",  is "an old road song... written in the back of a van in South Dakota"...



  "And in somber eyes
      framed by tears

    Lies the bittersweet
      memory of the


... then went on to introduce "Thinking", an excellent new song written "for an old friend" and completed "the day before recording the new album"...



"I found myself singing
    a song that sounded

  These emotions always
    get to me about this
    time of night..."

  I found myself thinking,
    thinking of you..."



An even newer song came next -- in fact, Brian's latest composition.  And although I'm not sure I could accurately quote any of its lines specifically, "Crown King's Laundromat" shares an increasingly -- and very well-drawn -- portrait of a troubled relationship's darkening descent.

On a bit lighter note, "Incidental", yet another song from State of Grace, was written, Brian said, about his father.   It's also a cleverly insightful commentary on various truths and observations about life and art...

  "I've understood
       that to write
       songs and write
       'em good you
        must indulge in

    But it doesn't
        hurt to be
        a master thief..."

Announcing he and Ed would do just two more songs, Brian then launched into the catchy "Broken Heart Reprise" before concluding his set with the "Jah Jah Song",  both from his beforementioned debut album, Other Side.  

The latter of these is a song "about God, who's been sadly forgotten in this minimalist age"...



   "Seek, seek my friend
      and you shall see...
     see the things that are
      to be. 

   Jah make everything
      all right."



And although Brian and Ed indeed left the stage (amidst very enthusiastic applause) after this song, they were later called back to accompany Tiberius, another band also playing here on this night...which they did for two songs, including a rousing cover of the Dylan classic, "Knockin On Heaven's Door".

And so ended our second Brian Fitzpatrick show... and if you haven't yet experienced your first, I recommend you do so soon.  In the meantime, watch for the release of the new album...

Thanks to Brian, Ed and everyone else who made this a great night!


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