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     Unfortunately as I'm putting  this page together, over a month has elapsed since the most recent of these shows.  With that in mind, I've at last realized that if I continue waiting to find the time to do a page on each individually (which I assure you, each does, in fact, deserve) the next two shows may have already passed as well; hence this combined overview.  
     That said, the first show was an acoustic performance on a quiet Mon. evening at The Point in Bryn Mawr, PA.  Characterized by Brian and Ed's always excellent musicianship, the show featured an eclectic setlist that opened with that long-established fave of mine, "Forgotten Sounds", included the irony-laced "Incidental", the delicate new song, "Everything Becomes Beautiful", and concluded with the rock-tinged "Northwoods"...all peppered throughout with a bit of Brian's ever-present tongue-in-cheek/wry-humored commentary.  On this evening the running joke began with the announcement that Brian had copies of his latest (and arguably greatest) CD,
State of Grace, available for a cost of "ten bucks" each. 
"But the first  person who approaches me," Brian continued, "I'll sell you one for seven...I need seven bucks to make the tolls back to Jersey."
     And, though not a joke by any means, he also shared with the audience that he'd very recently become a "parent"...to an adorable seven-week-old pug named Bailey.  And in case you can't visualize just how adorable she truly is, I've included a picture here to serve as proof.

     The second show was a full-band performance at Brian's "home" club, The Underpass, in Elmwood Park, NJ....which on this occasion was -- appropriately -- featuring Brian as a part of its 5th anniversary celebration.  And, as I've said before so many times, while this show included several songs that were played acoustically at The Point the week before, in this very different setting, with the addition of different participants in the music's creation, both these and the tunes that comprised the variations of the setlist on this night took on a whole new life and fairly dripped with unique energy and power. 
    And, while it is arguable that the evening was characterized by many highlights, I must admit the moment that stood out the most for me was the surprise addition of the Michael McDermott-penned "Kung Fu Videos".  For, while Brian has included this in acoustic shows from time to time, this performance marked its debut with the full-band, and it completely ROCKED!  But lest anyone misunderstand and gather the mistaken impression that I'd rather hear Brian perform covers than his own impeccably crafted songs, the reason this particular tune so impressed me yet again is that Brian has long-since made it so entirely his own.  As a matter of fact, at a show earlier this year Michael himself invited Brian onstage and introduced this song with the words, "He's gonna do one of my songs 'cause he does it better than I do!"   
     Be that as it may, surely no one else could have given a better performance of this set of songs than Brian and his band did on this beautiful summer night...in fact, my only regret surrounding the entire occasion is that everyone reading this recap of it couldn't have (like me!) been there to enjoy it!



Setlist for The Point  8/19/02                   Setlist for The Underpass  8/25/02

1.  Forgotten Sounds                                      1.  Caroline
2.  Cross That Line                                           2.  Cross That Line
3.  Thinking                                                        3.  Thinking
4.  Incidental                                                      4.   Kung Fu Videos
5.  Everything Becomes Beautiful               5.  Further Down The Line
6.  Further Down The Line                             6.  The Greeting
7.  I Can't Be Your Savior                               7.  Sweet Maria
8.  Sweet Maria                                                  8.  Starlight                   
9.  Northwoods                                                  9.  I Can't Be Your Savior
                                                                              10. Northwoods


As always, thanks much Bri and band!

See you next time!


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