Underpass  7-18-02
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I had actually planned on combining the two Brian Fitzpatrick's July shows we attended (opening for the Buddha Brains at this venue on both occasions) into one web page to offer something of an overview of the experience as a whole.  But since yet again the two evenings proved just how different the dynamic created each and every time an artist shares his or her work, upon sitting down to embark on this task, I found myself unable to describe them as other than the unique events each proved to be.  That said, the following shares a bit of a recap of the first of these memorable nights...


The Underpass

Brian opened the show with a song that never fails to inspire chills...not only because of  the excellence in songwriting it represents or even that cool high note he almost invariably tosses in, but, maybe, just the tiniest bit in part because it also happens to be about...murder (Yikes!)... "Cross That Line"...




  "I've got a guitar
         and a harp to


     It never ends..."




Of course, anyone pondering that kind of deed would probably (eventually) be given to a bit of self-exploration, which perhaps explains in part a few of the lyrics to the next song, "Such As I"...



           "Mary spoke in riddles;

             I talked back to her in

             She talked about the 

             While I sang about my



This was followed by one of Brian's earliest compositions, which was actually brand new to most of the Underpass crowd.  From a "lost" (as in never released ) album titled Approximately, comes "Faith", a great song I hope won't be lost from future setlists of Brian's live shows...



  "I've talked to all your
         friends; they haven't
         seen you.

     If it's over, tell me now

    But I won't believe you




Next came a fantastic new song Brian's shared at other recent appearances, a sad tale of disappointment and lost love, "Further Down The Line"...



    "I was gonna
          be your
          Celtic poet...


     You would be my





...and a very different (and also new) song, yet one that likewise shares the story of a relationship gone wrong, "Crown King's Laundromat"...


     they go


    Just like

    and me."



Brian then played "Incidental" for "Eddie, who's enjoying the rays in Puerto Rico!"...


  "I walked into
        a dusty

   With Dylan
       out of tune;

   Like a flower
       set in 

    The wheels
        were in


...and a brand new song he announced he had just finished, "Everything Becomes Beautiful", which he appropriately dedicated to the beautiful Melissa...



     "When I dance amongst
              my demons


       I know I see some
               things I don't





     Whenever she's


     Why can't it
         stay that way



After this Brian shared a song from the album State of Grace that I have no doubt his audiences will be finding beautiful forever, "Forgotten Sounds"...



      "I wish I had a 
           song to sing

       For every 
           tortured soul
           I've met...

       I wish I had a
           dime to spare

        For every one 
            of my regrets"



...before concluding his unfortunately too short set (as there were three musical acts featured this evening) with the spiritually uplifting "Jah Jah Song"...



    "You, you who
         lack faith and

      Hang your
         hopes on

      Jah make
        all right."


And with everyone feeling indeed more than just "all right" in light of the excellent performance they'd just witnessed, so ended another incredible Brian Fitzpatrick show, on which note I will end as well by adding only...


Thanks much, Bri!

See you next time!!!



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