Philly 7-17-04
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As you already know if you're an avid follower of Michael McDermott's music, July 17, 2004 -- 1/3 of Philadelphia radio station WXPN's "Singer-Songwriter Weekend"  -- proved a truly memorable day.  And, because I've already covered this event in numerous words via both the "Pauper's Sky" bulletin board (you can read that post by clicking here) and the August issue of the Michael McDermott Newsletter (which also contains an interview including Michael's own thoughts on the here to check these out), I don't think there's much I could possibly add in writing here.  



However, not much mention has been made of a brief on-air performance given for XPN the same afternoon.  So, (thanks to Troy Deckebach) here are a few photos taken during Michael's characteristically impassioned rendition of "Can't Sleep Tonight"...which, incidentally, also offer an added glimpse of the lovely backdrop of the vast river and waterfront...

"I can't sleep tonight... is it anyone can?

There's a shiver of silence...

...hanging over this land.

I can't sleep tonight;
How is it anyone can?"

Thanks again to Michael and band for an amazing afternoon of music.  And, thanks to XPN for making it all happen!!!



See you at another McD show soon!!!





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