The Abbey 2-20-04
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The Band:    Michael McDermott -- Vocals, Guitar

        Rene Reyes -- Guitar        Danny Westman -- Drums        Dominique Davalos -- Bass        Rich Parenti -- Sax

With special guest, Lance Northcutt -- Bodhran

The Opening Act:  Anne Harris (w/full band)


The songs:

"Dance With Me"

























"Sword Of Damocles"




"Right Here With You"


"A Wall I Must Climb"


"Hellfire In The Holy Land"






































"When Doves Cry"


"Time After Time"


"Arm Yourself"






















"Hold Back A River"


"Freedom Highway"


"Gonna Be Good"


"Junkie Girl"












"20 Miles South Of Nowhere"



"Baby, I"


"Shadow Of The Capitol"


"When It Comes To You"






















And, last but not least, an unsung hero of every McDermott show (seen here in her accustomed spot at the merch table):  Cindy Joy Olsen




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